P​erfect Gift for the Love of Your Life: Women’s Mondrian Watch by JBW


W​hen it comes to gifts, there’s always this one conundrum: what should you buy? If you can’t afford a BMW just now, don’t fret over it too much. A watch is unquestionably one of the classic gifts that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. They’ve been a part of our culture for centuries. Watches are more than just time-tellers: they become a part of one’s identity, its inextricable component.

Goodlife Engineering JBW Women's J6303A Mondrian Diamond Watch Japanese Quartz Silver Watch with Pave Diamond Face
Goodlife Engineering JBW Women’s J6303A Mondrian Diamond Watch Japanese Quartz Silver Watch with Pave Diamond Face

T​hen comes yet another problem: what kind of watch are you looking for? Is buying online a good idea, or is it too risky? Sure, you never know what you’ll find in the box, but let’s not get too paranoid. What should you do then?

H​ere comes the solution to your doubts and questions: JBW’s Women’s Mondrian Diamond Watch. This piece of jewelry is going to be like a sunshine on your loved one’s wrist. It’s stylish and endurable, with timeless design and beautiful adornments. With diamond-studded face and stainless steel strap this women’s watch exudes sophistication and style perfectly.

T​here are a few reasons why the Modrian Diamond Watch is the perfect gift:

W​hat discerns the Mondrian Diamond Watch from JBW from the crowd? Let’s start with some geeky facts:

Quartz Movement

W​hen we talk watches, it would be ignorant not to touch upon the topic of the three watch movements (aka calibers). It’s what makes the watch go ‘click’ – as easy as that. They are as follows:

  1. A​utomatic
    T​his Women’s Mondrian Watch by JBW ‘heart of the watch’ uses the kinetic energy of the person wearing it to move its hands. It’s often referred to as self-winding, as the wearer’s movement is all it needs to propel itself. Of course, you then have to wear it all the time. If you leave it in the cupboard for too long, it’ll simply stop working, which might be one of this caliber’s greatest drawbacks.
  2. M​echanical
    W​atches using the mechanical movement need to be wound regularly, in periodical time frames. It’s spring-driven mechanism causes the hands to move on the watch’s face.
  3. Q​uartz
    T​he quartz movement has been introduced by the Japanese in late 1960s. This novel solution revolutionized the world of watches when batteries kicked in. Major brands and companies started releasing their models with battery-powered mechanisms. Watches using this mechanism are known for their accuracy and endurance, as they need repairing far less often than other systems.

T​he JBW’s Mondrian Diamond Watch uses the quartz caliber, assuring that this time-teller never fails you when you need it. Forget about manual winding – the batteries have got you covered. No human intervention is required for the watch to keep going.

High Endurance

S​ince there are no springs and not too many moving parts, the watch doesn’t need your attention 24/7. Once bought, it will be your (or your partner’s) companion for a long time.

D​iamond-Studded Face

D​on’t judge a book by its cover – we’ve all heard it. But should you judge a watch by its face?

Y​ou can have the most efficient and durable watch on the planet, with the latest gadgets and nuances. All this won’t matter, however, if the watch is simply ugly. After all, who’d like to wear horrid jewelry? The answer – nobody.

F​or this very reason, the JBW’s manufacturers of the Mondrian Diamond Watch decorated its face with – you guessed it – diamonds. The hour markers of the watch are adorned with 16 real diamonds. Whenever an hour strikes, the hands will point to those shiny little things.

W​hat is more, the center of the watch’s face is paved with genuine Swarowski crystals. Their silver color fits with the dial’s original green. The watch’s bezel is an 18K golden ring with crystals of the same sort all around it. The diamond-studded face of this watch is surely the showstopper feature of this incredible watch.

W​ater Resistance

T​aking a shower, dancing in the rain, or jumping into a pool? No reason to worry.

T​ailored to your needs, JBW’s Mondrian Diamond Watch is watertight and resists water pressure up to 165 feet (around 50 meters). Whether you’re unwinding at the poolside, or taking a well-deserved bath after a whole day’s effort, you can keep the watch on your wrist.

Y​es, it does look great under the shower too. 

Stainless Steel Strap

T​he Mondrian Diamond Watch will stick to your wrist with the help of its stainless steel, golden bracelet. The strap is a metal, 18K gold-plated beauty; the warm color of luxury right on your wrist. Also, the stainless steel strap makes up for a comfortable wear all through the day.

O​nce you’ve ordered it online, within a few days the watch will arrive at your door in a classic black case. No need to put any labels and extra decorations on the box – the JBW’s watch can speak for itself!

Fast Product Delivery

Once you’ve ordered the watch, it will only be days until it reaches your doorstep. If you’re thinking about a last-minute gift, it’ll be there on time. JBW has got you covered.

Secure Online Order Availability

If you’ve ever worried about buying online, relax. There’s no reason to stress out about it. The watch will be delivered by an authorized manufacturer, making sure that the watch is delivered to you safely.

You can purchase it on Amazon, without any grey-area tricks.

Timeless Design

T​he diamonds only add to the Mondrian Diamond Watch’s luxurious feel. With these precious stones, altogether the watch is an absolute top-shelf product in its niche. The bezel, dial, and hands fit together as a combination of style and affluence.

Enough of the sugarcoaty stuff – it’s time for some details.

The Mondrian Diamond Watch is size M, and fits most wrists. If you were wondering about its precise dimensions and specifications, here you go:

  • B​and width: 18 mm
  • F​ace diameter: 37 mm
  • A​nalog: 12-hour time
  • J​apanese Miyota 2036 movement
  • D​ouble Push Release Clasp


I​f you want to put a broad smile on your loved one’s face, the Modrian Diamond Watch from JBW is just the gift you’ve been looking for (unless you wanted a great TV). With its exquisite design, studded with Swarowski crystals, it will decorate everybody’s wrists.

S​ure, you can also buy the watch for yourself. Remember, doing so wouldn’t be an expense, but rather an investment into your own well-being. You can learn how it feels not to be afraid of others’ judging eyes – with this watch, they’ll turn green from envy. Let’s recap what we’ve covered.

T​he Japanese quartz movement assures the watch’s durability, for the batteries do not require too much of your effort. You also don’t need to remove it when jumping into a swimming pool, thanks to its water resistance. The Women’s Mondrian Watch by JBW is indeed a perfect gift for the special woman in your life.

I​f you still need inspiration, check out other amazing articles from our blog and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Goodlife Engineering JBW Women's J6303A Mondrian Diamond Watch Japanese Quartz Silver Watch with Pave Diamond Face
Goodlife Engineering JBW Women’s J6303A Mondrian Diamond Watch Japanese Quartz Silver Watch with Pave Diamond Face


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