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The Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method

Memory Supplements - Ultimate Guide To Nootropics - Goodlife Engineering
Memory Supplements - Ultimate Guide To Nootropics - Goodlife Engineering
Memory Supplements - Nootropics Ultimate Guide- Goodlife Engineering - The Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method


Things to Know About Acetylcholine

This essential chemical plays many roles in nootropics, noopept memory supplements and in our bodies. What should you know about acetylcholine?

It’s Responsible for Almost Every Movement of Your Body

You can find acetylcholine in motor cells, which means that this neurotransmitter facilitates the flow of information about virtually each muscle movement of your body.

Every little twitch of your finger, every step you take, and every smile – they all happen because of certain muscles in your body becoming tense or relaxed interchangeably. ACh is the main chemical that causes muscles to contract and controls our body. [1]

It’s Based on Choline

Choline is a substance that makes the foundation of acetylcholine in the body. This nutrient can increase the levels of ACh in the body, hence improving motor functions, reaction time, and making you sleep well. It can help you maintain brain balance and minimize the effects of brain fog.

You can find choline in many foods, including meat, whole grains, and fish. A diet rich in those foods will increase the levels of choline in your body.

As you’re about to find out, many nootropic memory supplements are rich in choline too. The nootropic properties of choline are intertwined with the body’s motor functions and better sleep.

The Dangers of Acetylcholine Deficits

ACh is a crucial neurotransmitter in our bodies. Lack in acetylcholine may lead to a plethora of undesired adverse effects. Muscle weakness and fatigue are the most common signs of low ACh levels. In extreme cases, a lack of acetylcholine leads to Alzheimer’s disease. [2]

For this reason – the danger – alone, we should control and facilitate the levels of ACh in our bodies. Be it through a moderated diet or supplements with choline – be reasonable and remember about ACh in your body. Facilitating brain balance and preventing brain fog are another merits of acetylcholine.


Acetylcholine – Effects and Recommendations

Controlling the REM sleep phase and body motor functions, acetylcholine plays a key role in our organisms. It can support brain balance and reduce the risk of brain fog, just like noopept nootropics.

Scholars recommend using choline nootropic memory supplements especially for athletes. As we exercise, the ACh levels may drop dramatically, causing physical fatigue, brain fog, and tiredness. Regulating acetylcholine levels in athletes is crucial for them to boost their athletic performance. This is the case with intensive interval training, such as swimming, running, or cycling. [3]

Caffeine – in certain doses – may too increase the levels of acetylcholine. Studies done on mammals show the effects of caffeine on ACh levels in the body.

The nootropic effects of acetylcholine include:

  • Improved Memory
  • Better Focus and Attention
  • Supported Brain Balance
  • Enhanced Alertness
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Learning
Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Acetylcholine

Brain Balance

If you want your body to function properly, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy brain balance. Apart from that, here at Goodlife Engineering we encourage you to stick to a healthy diet and exercise, so as to enhance your brain balance.

What is brain balance? Here’s what you should know:

  • Brain balance allows you to use the full potential of your brain;
  • Using both hemispheres is the key to brain balance;
  • Noopept nootropics may help you maintain a brain balance;
  • Brain balance can be stimulated through combining logical and creative activities;
  • Nootropic memory supplements can boost cognitive abilities and creativity, hence improving brain balance.

But is it enough to maintain a brain balance? Maybe, maybe not. Our brains comprise two hemispheres. The right hemisphere is responsible for emotional and creative activities, whilst the left hemisphere takes care of logical thinking and analysis.

As many specialists claim, keeping a healthy, diverse diet can improve the cognitive ability of the brain and stimulate brain balance. Noopept nootropics and other nootropic memory supplements can land you a helping hand when striving for a better brain balance between the two hemispheres.

How to Maintain a Brain Balance

To maintain a brain balance, the best way is to undertake various activities that include both hemispheres. To boost your cognitive performance, noopept nootropics may also be a good choice. Nootropic memory supplements and smart pills may tweak your brain, giving your motivation and improving your cognitive abilities.

How to maintain a brain balance? Here’s what you can do to facilitate brain balance:

  • Keep a healthy, diverse diet;
  • Exercise regularly and spend time in the open air;
  • Develop both hemispheres;
  • Pay attention to both creative work and logical effort;
  • Use noopept nootropics and other brain stimulants.

Brain balance should be at the front of your mind if you want to keep your brain healthy and minimize the risk of burnout, brain fog, and mental distress. Finding the golden mean between logical thinking and creative work will broaden your perspectives. It might even open some career doors for you.

Noopept nootropics, nootropic herbs, memory supplements, and other brain-enhancing drugs can help you keep a brain balance and prevent brain fog by stimulating different parts of your brain.


Nootropics are brain-enhancing memory supplements that may improve the brain’s cognitive function. Taking noopept smart drugs might improve your memory, focus, learning skills, or even motivation. Noopept smart pills are one of the components that together make a good life.

This Ultimate Nootropics Guide will lead you through the developing world of nootropics – research, memory supplements, history. Nootropics come in different forms – solutions, pills, powders – and you can buy them online. 

Brain Fog

Also known as mental fog or clouding of consciousness, brain fog is a phenomenon of feeling foggy and less attentive than usual. People with brain fog may not be aware of their surroundings, time, etc.

It’s crucial to underline that brain fog is by no means a medical condition. No medical association has recognized brain fog as such, yet many people experience it. Brain fog is a broad subject with many symptoms. Among others, brain fog makes it difficult to focus, stay attentive, and is detrimental to memory.

Brain fog is caused by various factors. Under high pressure, facing an unprecedented situation, or when in mental or emotional distress we may feel as if our brain stopped for a moment. If you experience brain fog, you might find it hard to focus on simple tasks like reading. Logical thinking won’t be so easy too.

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Another symptoms of brain fog are:

  • Bad Memory
  • Inability to Focus
  • Low Motivation
  • Mental Distress
  • Disturbed Brain Balance
  • Confusion
  • Hard Time Learning

How to prevent brain fog? Exercising, limiting levels of stress, and paying more attention to your diet is a good start. Nootropics can help too. Brain-enhancing memory supplements may be beneficial in improving your brain balance. Noopept smart drugs may increase motivation levels, reduce anxiety, and help you focus.

Why should you omit brain fog by all means? Here’s a complete list of the symptoms of brain fog:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Brain Fog Blurs Logical Thinking
  • Low Levels of Motivation
  • Brain Fog Causes Confusion
  • Problem With Logical Thinking
  • Brain Fog Makes It Difficult to Concentrate
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Brain Balance
  • Insomnia and Sleeplessness
  • Brain Fog May Lead to Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Lack of Clarity

If you experience brain fog, make sure to get in touch with your doctor. They are the best people to turn to when struggling with brain fog. Here’s what you can do to fight brain fog on your own:

How to Prevent Brain Fog

  • Exercise
  • Keep a Healthy Diet
  • Spend More Time Outside

Noopept nootropics may enhance your brain, boosting concentration and improving the brain’s cognitive function. Nootropic memory supplements may reduce forgetfulness and fatigue, hence ridding you of brain fog.

Cognition Definition

By definition, cognition is the process of acquiring new knowledge and information through experiencing, thinking, and feeling. It’s the combination of experience, though, and senses that help us understand new terms, ideas, and so on. Healthy brain balance improves your brain’s cognitive function and rid you of brain fog.

Cognition comprises five aspects of learning and understanding:

  1. Memory
  2. Focus
  3. Attention
  4. Learning
  5. Logical Thinking

Noopept nootropics may enhance the brain in these five aspects of cognition – helping one learn, stay focused and attentive, improving memory and logical reasoning. Smart nootropic pills and powders may also affect such areas as motivation, mood, and well-being. Noopept supplements facilitate brain balance and help you fight brain fog.

Best Nootropics

In the Ultimate Nootropics Guide, we’ll discuss virtually every nootropic substance out there (including noopept nootropics). Some of them are solely prescription drugs, others are synthetic dietary supplements, still others are plants and herbs which have been used in traditional medicine for ages.

Noopept nootropics are brain-enhancing memory supplements that influence your mind and body. The nootropic and noopept market online is vast and might be difficult to navigate around – manufacturers will try to convince you to buy their product, not the best product there is.

First of all, in the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method, we want you to be educated on the topic and make your own decisions. Hence, you can maintain brain balance and improve your cognitive function.

Which Nootropics to Choose

Nootropic and noopept memory supplements and come in different forms. How can you consume smart drugs? Which noopept substances and nootropics are best for brain balance and fighting brain fog?

Pills and Tablets

Possibly the most common way to take smart drugs is by swallowing nootropic pills. You’ll easily find them in a myriad of online shops.


Nootropic memory supplements and noopept powders are an alternative to smart pills


Solutions are relatively rare versions of nootropic memory supplements and noopept substances. A few drops of these strong liquids may improve the cognitive function of your brain and brain balance.

Prescription Drugs

In certain cases, your doctor can prescribe you nootropic memory supplements to improve brain balance and prevent the negative effects of brain fog.


Traditional medicine has used nootropic herbs for centuries. People used them to improve brain balance and prevent brain fog.

What about specific noopept nootropic memory supplements available in these diverse forms? Which nootropics can you find out there?

Best Nootropic Memory Supplements to Enhance the Brain

Before we dive into the intriguing world of nootropics, we’ll outline some of the most popular nootropics out there. According to a Healthline’s expert, those are the most popular nootropics:

  1. Creatine
  2. Caffeine
  3. Rhodiola Rosea
  4. L-Theanine
  5. Panax Ginseng
  6. Bacopa Monnieri
  7. Noopept
  8. Nicotine
  9. Ginkgo Biloba
  10.  Amphetamines (Adderall)
  11. Phenotropil
  12. Methylphenidate (Ritalin)
  13. Modafinil (Provigil)
  14. Piracetam

We’ll discuss each substance later in the Ultimate Nootropics Guide. You’ll learn about the history and effects of these nootropics – noopept, panax ginseng, acetylcholine and more.

Let’s dive into the world of nootropics now. Which nootropics are the best for brain balance? How can you enhance your brain? What to choose in case of brain fog?

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Ideas

Acetylcholine Definition

Found naturally in human and animal organisms, acetylcholine is a chemical that works as a neurotransmitter – just like dopamine does. It’s responsible for the transportation of messages from nerve cells to muscles and neurons.

Acetylcholine is often abbreviated to ACh. This neurotransmitter facilitates the flow of information and impulses connected to motor functions. It sends signals to neurons intertwined with pain responses, muscle flex, and REM sleep phase.

Because it has so many functions, ACh is an important chemical in our bodies. Not only does it shield the brain from brain fog, but it also supports brain balance.

Brain Supplements

Nootropic memory supplements affect your brain and improve its overall cognitive performance. Some smart drugs and noopept supplements stimulate neuroconnections and brain balance, making it easier for the brain to gather and store information.

Research on nootropics is still ongoing, and their brain-enhancing abilities make researchers scratch their heads. Some scholars attribute the potency of nootropic memory supplements to the placebo effect. We’ll come back to this topic later in this Ultimate Nootropics Guide.

Brain Boosters

Nootropics can be called memory supplements for their brain-enhancing properties. Their ability to improve cognition and brain function touches upon different aspects of our lives. Nootropics support brain balance and protect the brain from brain fog.

What Is a Nootropic Substance?

According to the man who coined the term nootropic, Corneliu E. Giurgea, noopept or other nootropic memory supplements are brain-enhancing drugs that meet very strict restrictions. The chemist set five requisites of nootropics, which we’ll discuss individually in the History Behind Nootropics section.

Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method

In the Ultimate Nootropics Guide, we’ll introduce you to the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method. It’s a complex yet simple to understand guide through smart pills. You’ll learn about:

  • How Different Nootropic Memory Supplements Affect Your Brain
  • What Are the Effects of Smart Pills
  • Which Nootropics Facilitate Brain Balance
  • Where to Buy Nootropic Memory Supplements
  • What Researchers Say About Smart Drugs
  • How to Avoid Brain Fog
  • What Are Noopept Nootropics
  • Why Some People Are Concerned About Nootropics

The Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method is not some cheap propaganda or advertisement. We want to show you the subject of nootropics from every angle. Hence, we wish that whether you take nootropics is your adult decision. Goodlife Engineering strives for becoming your biggest online resource, and this Nootropics Ultimate Guide is where you can educate yourself on smart drugs – everything from brain balance, through research, history, and brain fog.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

How Nootropics Enhance the Brain

The research on nootropics is inconclusive. Though many students and working professionals hail smart drugs for their brain-enhancing effects, it’s not so easy to prove. E-commerce shops selling nootropics always make sure that their products are lab-tested and safe, yet their effects aren’t so obvious.

Why Nootropics Affect the Brain

One great factor said to influence the nootropic brain-enhancing results is the placebo effect. Researchers have been doing studies on the placebo effect for years now. Despite the common belief that the placebo effect is nothing but a hoax, there’s something more to it. With placebo supplements, you can improve your brain balance and avoid brain fog.

According to studies done by Harvard Health, placebo was effective in reducing the pain caused by migraine in 50% of cases. Citing the Harvard Medical School research, “treating yourself with your mind is possible, but there is more to the placebo effect than positive thinking.”

The Placebo Effect of Nootropics

What if you could improve your mind and body with your mind? We should forget about the placebo effect stereotype and give a think to the power of our brains. Your mind can convince your body of a substance’s effects and have a real impact on it. Traditional medicine has used stimulate healing to support brain balance for millions of years. 

Other factors that cause the nootropic brain-enhancing effects are the memory supplements included in the miscellaneous nootropic memory supplements. [4] The most important substances you should know are:


Similarly to noopept nootropics, by improving your focus and attention, desipramine affects your brain and enhances your cognitive function. This nootropic substance is also known to tweak your working memory and brain balance, making learning easier. [5]

When wishing to buy nootropics online, you can find desipramine under one of two brand names: Norpramin or Petrofrane. Desipramine treats depression and brain fog.


This substance is most commonly used in the treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Atomoxetine may enhance your brain by improving your working memory, helping you learn new things faster. [6]

Atomoxetine improves your attention and helps you focus. It can support brain balance and prevent brain fog. The brand name of this nootropic is Strattera, and was approved for medical use in the US in 2002.


Known as L-DOPA, this nootropic amino acid is natural in human and animal organisms, as well as in plants. It’s a neurotransmitter of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine. Levodopa may improve your memory and make it easier to recall events and experiences from your personal life. By supporting brain balance, it prevent brain fog and helps you keep your mind sharp.


Also known as Tasmar, this nootropic drug is used in treating Parkinson’s disease. [5] It gets to the brain from the bloodstream better than other similar memory supplements and affects the central nervous system and brain baalnce, though great amounts of tolcapone are toxic to the liver.

It might improve your cognitive function including episodic memory, i.e. remembering events and experiences from one’s life. Tolcapone also shields you from brain fog.


This nootropic enhances your brain’s cognitive function in many ways. Nicergoline will tweak your attention, concentration, and reaction times.

Sold under the brand name Sermion, this substance is commonly used to treat dementia and related diseases. [6] It improves the blood flow in the brain and boosts your brain’s cognitive performance. Over 50 countries so far have registered nicergoline.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance - Dopamine

What Is Dopamine?

In short, dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a hormone that plays an important role in many processes of our bodies., including brain balance. It’s responsible for facilitating the transport of signals in the neurons of the brain.

What You Should Know About Dopamine

Dopamine plays a key role in our organisms. The gradual loss of dopamine is the reason behind Parkinson’s disease. Neuroscientists have been doing research on dopamine for decades. Despite the thorough studies, it still raises controversy among scholars. [7]

This chemical affects both brain balance and the body. Our bodies release dopamine when we feel gratification. This reward-related feeling in our bodies can be felt when we indulge in momentary pleasures.

Lots of new technologies – devices, apps, and services – are designed to give you the feeling of instant gratification. You immediately feel better after scrolling through social media or browsing through the latest notifications. Unfortunately, spending too much time on your phone can cause brain fog and other brain-related issues.

Dopamine Addiction

Gradually more people get addicted to their phones and social media because of the negative way they affect our brains. The reward our brains get is hard to resist, especially when combined with the feeling of connection and colorful app logos.

If you want to learn more about technology – how it affects us, how it’s changed our lives, and how to buy the right technology for yourself – then check out our Ultimate Technology Guide. You’ll learn how to buy the right technology you need from the magnitude of other devices and software.

Dopamine facilitates the flow of nerve cells in our brain and prevents brain fog. How does dopamine affect us?

Effects of Dopamine

Our brains are complicated systems, and we’re still learning about how the brain works. Still, we know quite a lot about dopamine – how it affects our bodies and minds.

Dopamine has effects on:

  • Motivation
  • Motor Control
  • Brain Balance
  • Executive Functions
  • Reward
  • Sexual Gratification

Dopamine-producing neurons aren’t too common in the brain though. When a vast proportion of these neurons die, Parkinson’s disease may develop in the organism.

Some call dopamine the happy hormone, because of its role in the reward system. If you lack dopamine, the results are rather undesired – boredom, depression, tiredness, apathy. You may feel chronic physical fatigue, brain fog, and lack of motivation.

Some nootropic memory supplements or noopept substances are said to stimulate the levels of dopamine, hence improving motivation, attention, and giving you a power boost. Overall, it may result in a better mood, which would only prove that the name happy hormone is everything but wrong. [8]

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Fog

Introduction to the Ultimate Guide to Nootropics

Nootropics and noopept substances are one of the components that help you engineer a good life. Also known as smart drugs, noopept nootropics are cognitive enhancers that may tweak your brain capabilities, improving brain balance, motivation, and cognitive functions. They’re supplements or drugs that help you bring your brain’s abilities to a whole new level. In this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, we’ll introduce you to the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method, and lead you through these substances’ characteristics.

Scientists still do their research on nootropics, as these noopept memory supplements are relatively new. We still don’t know how all of them work, but still – we’ve learned a lot about nootropics so far. Because of their brain-enhancing abilities, nootropics raise controversy around the topic of ethics and morality of their use.

Studies on Nootropic Memory Supplements

Some doctors question the diversion of nootropics, showing their concern about the legality of noopept nootropics. The case is that some people might use prescription drugs for non-medical uses, which would be dangerous, and put their legality into question. Whenever you decide to start your experience with noopept nootropics, make sure they’re from a certain source, and that your taking them won’t be illicit.

As we’ve already mentioned, studies on nootropics and noopept substances are still in progress. These memory supplements have a lot to offer, and we don’t know their full potential just yet. Because of that, some researchers have expressed their concerns with possible side effects of nootropics. At Goodlife Engineering, we will always advise you to reach for nootropics responsibly.

After you’ve made yourself familiar with this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, you will be informed enough to know what you need and what potential benefits you can get out of taking nootropics.

One by one, in the Nootropic Brain Enhancing Method we’ll go through:

What Are Nootropics?

Before you make the decision to start taking nootropics to boost your cognitive skills and enhance your brain abilities, you should become familiar with the chemical structure of noopept smart drugs.

You will also learn where the name nootropic comes from. The etymology of this word is quite telling, as you’re about to find out.

As you will learn, you’re using brain-enhancing memory supplements on a daily basis. We’ll discuss what they are to make you (almost) an expert in this field.

Where and When to Use Nootropics

In order for the nootropics to bring the desired results, there are more than a few prerequisites and requirements you must meet. Noopept smart drugs are no vitamin C, they may really do influence your organism, and you should always be careful with them.

With this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, you will become an expert in the niche of smart drugs. We’ll explain the importance of your environment, attitude, and cover the paramount cases when you could consider the use of nootropics.

What Research Says

Nootropic memory supplements are relatively new among substances that enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities, support brain balance and help to prevent brain fog. Researchers keep exploring those smart drugs. We will cover all that we’ve learned so far – outlining and discussing all the latest discoveries.

Of course, each of our statements is backed by thorough studies and statistics. We strive for helping you construct a good life, and we don’t throw vain statements around. What we should also establish here at the beginning, is that this Ultimate Nootropics Guide is to be your reliable source of information on noopept smart drugs. We are neither gurus nor scientists, yet we combine all the quality information from all around the web together – for your convenience!

The History Behind Nootropics

We’ll cover the history behind nootropics, why they have become so popular, and what the backstory behind smart drugs tells us about these noopept brain-enhancing substances.

Since nootropics have only recently found themselves in the limelight, you will be able to learn about other brain-enhancing methods beyond smart drugs and how they intrigued scientists for decades – from LSD to magic mushrooms.

Who Should Use Noopept Nootropic Brain and Memory Supplements

As with most substances affecting your brain, there are some strict recommendations when it comes to the use of nootropics. To have a safe experience with nootropics, first of all, you have to be mentally stable. There are a few requirements you need to meet, and you’re about to learn all of them.

Who should take nootropics? Smart drugs boost your brain capabilities, tweaking motivation and creativity. In some professions, noopept nootropics can give you a whole lot of inspiration. They might as well be a way out for people going through burnout or who feel stuck in their lives. We’ll discuss who should consider taking nootropics and how they can help.

How Nootropics Enhance Your Brain

Once we’ve learned what nootropics are, we will be able to explain how and in what ways they affect your brain. Noopept nootropics infulence brain balance and shield you from brain fog. Sure, they tweak your memory, creativity, and motivation, but what’s the science behind smart drugs?

For all the geeks, you’ll get the chance to learn something about our brains. As humanity, we still know very little about our brains – how we think, how our consciousness works, how we feel emotions – and noopept nootropic memory supplements are a great case study to explore the intriguing structure of the brain.

The Healing Effect of Nootropics

Though they’re not the regular medicine you can buy at a drugstore, smart drugs can help you out in many situations – especially those connected to your mental health or professional career. Noopept nootropics will facilitate brain balance and prevent from brain fog.

In some conditions, nootropics might be a new solution to problems that humanity struggles with. In these strange times of late capitalism, when more and more of us suffer from mental breakdowns, nootropics are the game-changers we needed. [9]

Different Nootropic Substances

Though we don’t know too much about them for sure, you’ll find a plethora of different nootropic memory supplements. How do they improve your cognitive skills? In what ways can nootropics help you? Which nootropics help you to maintain brain balance? What’s best to choose when suffering from brain fog? What are noopept, synthetic, and herbal nootropics?

Depending on the kind of a smart drug, it will affect you in different ways. In this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, we’ll outline every possible nootropic substance you can find out there and discuss each one individually.

Memory Supplements

Noopept nootropics and brain-enhancing drugs are great memory supplements. Improving your brain’s cognitive function, nootropic memory supplements help you construct a good life.

Some of the best nootropic memory supplements are:

  • Caffeine
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Noopept

By influencing different parts of the brain, nootropic memory supplements may increase focus and motivation, hence making it easier to learn and remember new knowledge. Noopept nootropic memory supplements are great for students and working professionals.

Later in this Ultimate Nootropics Guide you’ll learn more about memory supplements and other nootropic herbs and substances, including noopept nootropics, CBD, and Adderall.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

What Are Nootropics?

The industry of brain-enhancing substances and smart drugs is already worth over $2 billion, having passed that threshold in 2018. [10]

Nootropics are substances that improve the functioning of your brain. Scientists and researchers keep coming up with new kinds of these smart drugs to enhance your cognitive skills. Noopept nootropics have impact on brain fog, supporting brain balance.

Nootropics are more often than not used among students wishing to improve their overall performance at their courses, career-oriented professionals striving for success, and the elderly having concerns about dementia or brain fog. Noopept smart drugs influence a range of your brain’s capacity.

How do nootropics work?

  1. Improve Creativity
  2. Prevent from Brain Fog
  3. Boost Motivation
  4. Facilitate Brain Balance Between the Two Hemispheres
  5. Improve Memory
  6. Influence Cognitive Functioning Positively 

People have always looked for ways to effortlessly improve their brains’ abilities. As some studies show, exercising has long-term effects on your brain and affects similar aspects of your cognitive capabilities as nootropics and noopept memory supplements.

Yet, the positive effects of exercise on the brain have been observed in older adults. Their cognitive function improved. We know that exercising is an inextricable part of constructing a good life. At Goodlife Engineering we will always encourage you to go for a jog or visit the gym regularly – that goes without saying! [11]

Nootropics and the Brain’s Cognitive Function

But what if you need immediate effects and don’t have years to wait for the results? Physical activity will help you, but the benefits of it won’t be so clear and certain. On the other hand, nootropics impact your brain balance in a way that’s clearly visible to you.

Noopept nootropics are brain-boosting chemical substances, and the term nootropic was first coined in 1972 by a Romanian psychologist and chemist Corneliu E. Giurgea. We’ll come back to the history behind smart drugs later.

In healthy individuals, nootropic drugs improve the brain. In the beginning, scientists used the sole term nootropic for a very specific niche of substances. Now, a variety of memory supplements fall into the category of nootropic drugs. By and large, a nootropic is any substance – synthetic or natural – that enhances the brain balance in one way or another.

We’ve established what nootropics are. Now we’ll go through some case studies to show you how smart drugs can help people have a better life with improved brain balance.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

Where and When to Use Nootropics

Though smart drugs have already gained momentum on the markets, becoming widely used by a variety of people of all ages, in some countries they’re still looked upon with suspicion. Where should you take nootropics? What should the environment look like? What is the right attitude towards nootropics?

The decision to start taking nootropics must be an adult choice and follow some serious contemplation. Don’t just buy the first product that pops out on your Google search results page – familiarize yourself with the topic first. This Ultimate Nootropics Guide is to help you figure out whether you’re ready for smart drugs and educate you on the topic of smart drugs.

Here’s what should be on your mind before you reach for nootropics:

You know smart drugs inside out

By far, the worst things you can do is buy a pig in a poke. Not only is it irresponsible, but also dangerous. It’s the case not only with nootropics. Each time before you decide to experiment with a substance that affects your brain, you should educate yourself on the topic.

In the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method we stress the importance of being informed. In this guide, we will not only introduce you to the topic of noopept nootropics but also show you the recommendations and potential adverse effects of smart drugs.

Once you’ve learned everything you can about them, you’ll be one step closer to beginning the life-changing experience with noopept smart pills.

You’re positive about nootropics

We don’t encourage you to take nootropics if you just don’t feel like it. Your mindset has to be positive and driven by curiosity and motivation.

As is the case with other psychedelic substances, your attitude plays a key role in having a successful nootropic experience. If there’s any shadow of doubt or negativity towards smart drugs, maybe you shouldn’t take them just yet. Additionally, there comes the widely-discussed placebo effect.

You should feel confident about smart drugs. You must be inclined to use nootropics and boost your brain balance. Though this might seem petty, it’s a crucial aspect of the whole experience, often neglected by many people – don’t do anything against your will!

You’re mentally healthy

There are some specific cases in which you shouldn’t consider taking nootropics. The important thing is that you’re mentally healthy. If you’re taking any other memory supplements that affect your brain – be it drugs for depression or other medication – then you should probably give up on smart drugs for the time being.

Always consult the decision to start taking nootropics with your doctor. At Goodlife Engineering, we want you to pay attention to your own health. We want your experience with smart drugs to be responsible and safe.

In the section Who Should Take Nootropics down below, we’ll discuss other specific cases when you shouldn’t think about smart drugs.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Noopept

What Research Says

Since the chemist and psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea coined the term nootropics, researchers have been looking into the topic of smart drugs with interest. Their brain-enhancing merits have fascinated scientists for decades…  but let’s leave history for now.

The research behind nootropics is quite intriguing. Smart pills have always been a controversial topic, and its use among healthy people has been questioned many a time. What you might find interesting, is that some researchers claim that there’s no strong evidence or science backing the safety and effects of nootropics. Yet, they work and help different people with brain-related causes. What’s the answer?

Nootropics and the Placebo Effect

There is no consensus, but some big brains stress the importance of the placebo effect. Our understanding of the human brain is still vague, we don’t know how the brain creates consciousness or how thoughts appear in our heads. The placebo effect in itself is a subject of research. It’s fascinating how our minds can influence our bodies by the sole notion of belief, as is the case with some drugs and medication. Patients who take sugar pills, being convinced of their having a medical effect on their bodies, actually do achieve those effects.

Are nootropics but placebo-inducing memory supplements? Maybe, maybe not. What is certain, is that when using nootropic substances, or any other medication or drugs that are to enhance our minds or impact our psyche, the attitude of a person plays a key role. Positive conviction of a drug’s success can impact whether and to what extent the drug will actually affect us.

Science on Memory Supplements

Though the research on nootropics has always been intriguing, it has remained ambiguous. Inconclusive data among scientists boggles our heads and inspires researchers to keep digging into the subject of smart drugs.

As concerns the safety of nootropics, the brain-enhancing substances (either synthetic or natural), are harmless by definition. For a drug to be even considered a nootropic, it has to be safe. So in this case, the question of safety is beyond doubt. If a substance is somehow not safe, it cannot be called nootropic – as simple as that.

What we should always take into account is that such brain-stimulating memory supplements can be addictive. To be clear: nootropics aren’t addictive in the way we all have in our heads when hearing the word addiction. To be addicted to something means that we flee to a momentary pleasure of some sort – drugs, alcohol, sex, even shopping – to feel the high of the moment and forget about the issues of everyday life and responsibility.

Effect on the Brain

Nootropics don’t give you that high. What they do, is deliver the brain-enhancing effects – and that’s where the possibility of addiction comes into the limelight. We would all want to go beyond human, to improve our brains as we’ve seen in Hollywood blockbusters, and bring our minds to a whole new level.

Nootropics do just that – no matter if it’s the placebo effect, or actual impact on our brains – and the awareness of one’s brain improvement is tempting in itself.

We don’t mean to discourage you from taking nootropics – after reading this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, it will be your adult decision whether to use smart drugs – yet you must be aware of the complexity of this topic. Nootropics are a complicated subject, and the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method’s aim isn’t to mindlessly advertise nootropics. The mission of Goodlife Engineering is to help you construct a better life for yourself. With product reviews, technology evaluations, and other Ultimate Guides, we want to make you as educated as possible.

It would be unwise to discuss only the upsides of nootropics. Before you make your first purchase of smart drugs, it’s essential for you to know smart pills and powders inside out. Only then will you be able to assess the potential dangers and merits, and then make up your mind.

Understanding of nootropics is not only about the research though. Smart drugs have a rich history, and knowing where and why it all started is important too.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Noopept

The History Behind Nootropics

In the 20th century, our interest in the human psyche reached beyond psychology. After great thinkers like Jung, Adler, and Freud formulated their theories on human consciousness, we’ve begun to take these studies to a whole new level. Scientists started to experiment with brain-affecting substances, and further discoveries followed.

When discussing nootropics, there’s but one name that always comes along – Corneliu E. Giurgea. Born in the 1920s in Bucharest, Giurgea was a Romanian chemist and psychologist who was the one to coin the term nootropics in 1972. Corneliu Giurgea defined nootropics and set the prerequisites that nootropics should meet.

What are the effects of nootropics according to Corneliu E. Giurgea?

In his academic career, Giurgea stated that a substance should meet five requirements to be classified as a nootropic. They go as follows:

Nootropics should enhance memory and learning

To categorize a substance as a nootropic, it has to enhance the brain cognitive function, according to Giurgea. The chemist stressed the influence of smart drugs on memory and learning as the first and most important requirement of smart pills.

In fact, that’s what we now consider nootropics – memory supplements that enhance memory and learning. there’s not a shadow of a doubt that in his research, Corneliu E. Giurgea put a huge emphasis on how nootropics boost your brain and its ability to acquire new information and remember this knowledge.

For this reason, nootropics have so many uses for people of different ages and professions. They help students learn, score better grades at exams, and do better at their university. Smart drugs are great if you want to minimize the threat of dementia and memory loss.  

Nootropics should improve the resistance of learned behaviors and memories to adverse conditions that usually damage them

We all know how easy it is to forget the information you’ve learned, especially if there’s a ton of knowledge acquired at once. That’s how the education system works in many countries – you learn, pass a test, and then forget. What is the use of such an approach?

Let’s be honest – that’s a waste of time. If you want to improve your life and become more knowledgeable, you actually have to remember what you’ve learned. Nootropics enhance your ability to keep all the knowledge in your head against all odds.

One of those odds is ageing. The older we get, the more difficult it is to remember things, as our brain slowly degenerates. A lot of people over 55 struggle with remembering facts, names, and specific information. According to Corneliu Giurgea, for a substance to be considered a nootropic, it has to successfully resist the degenerative factors that affect our brain.

If you want to keep your mind sharp despite getting older, nootropics can help you achieve it.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Noopept

Nootropics should shield the brain from various chemical and physical injuries

The third requisite formulated by Giurgea during his studies was that nootropics have to protect the brain from chemical and physical injuries.

Being exposed to toxic materials can severely damage your brain. Smart drugs are memory supplements supposed to shield your brain and your nervous system from such injuries.

Physical injuries are also a menace to the brain. A concussion can, in fact, lead to partial memory loss. Giurgea’s definition of nootropics is that smart drugs prevent the brain from losing its cognitive abilities in case of such damage.

Nootropics should enhance brain performance on both cortical and subcortical levels

The human brain is an extremely complex machine. After decades of research, we still don’t know how it works exactly – how it creates consciousness and emotions. We can, however, see the results of memory supplements like nootropics and study smart drugs’ effects on the brain.

Our brains have two parts. First, the outer cerebral cortex is a thin layer covering the cerebrum on the cortical level, often referred to as gray matter. Cortical functions of the brain are sensory, visual, and motor functions – responsible for empirical sensations. The gray matter makes up to 40% of the brain’s mass. Nootropics boost these functions for the brain. Professional athletes often use them to improve their performance.

The inner part of the brain – on the subcortical level – is the core of our brains. These parts are responsible for the more advanced functions of the brain, including memory, pleasure, emotion, and producing hormones. Smart drugs boost your ability to learn, remember new knowledge, and make you feel better. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be nootropics at all.

Nootropics should differ from other psychedelics, have little toxicity level and have very few adverse side effects

When Giurgea coined the term nootropics in 1972. Psychedelics had already been known and used (especially during and after the hippie revolution in the 60s). LSD, colloquially known as acid, along with other psychedelics – MDMA, DMT, and many others – also mess with our brains, and their positive effects have often been studied by researchers.

In contrast to nootropics, psychedelic chemicals are not as safe as smart drugs. Nootropics, on the other hand, are safe by definition. In his prerequisites, Giurgea defined smart drugs as having little toxicity level and very few side effects. This fact in itself puts nootropics in a better position than psychedelics.

Smart drugs are research-backed, lab-tested, and legal substances that improve your brain’s cognitive function and enhance memory and learning, at the same time remaining safe. If you use nootropics wisely and comply with the recommendations (which we’ll cover in a bit), then there’s but a very narrow possibility that something might go wrong.

Notes on the Mind Behind Nootropics – Life of Corneliu E. Giurgea

The chemist and psychologist got his PhD title at the University of Bucharest in Romania, in the city where he’d been born. After that, he continued his scholarly path in St. Petersburg (Russia), Rochester (USA, NY), and Louvain (Belgium).

One of Giurgea’s famous quotes perfectly describes his motivation behind the studies of nootropics:

“Man is not going to wait passively for millions of years before evolution offers him a better brain.”

Could anyone put it more directly? Nootropics are a tested way to give humans a better brain. As easy as that.

Giurgea was also involved in finding out the benefits of GABA – a nootropic substance that is now used to regulate the sleep cycle and make people more energetic. Without resting on his laurels, Giurgea continued his research. He was fascinated by the characteristics of nootropics, which included:

  • Supporting the Information Transfer Between Hemispheres
  • Facilitating the Synchronization Between the Brain’s Two Hemispheres
  • Shielding the Brain from Physical and Chemical Damage and Improving the Recovery Process
  • Boosting Learning and Memory Skills
  • Low Toxicity and Safety with Few Side Effects
  • Supporting the Subcortical Processes and Functioning

Smart drugs fascinated Corneliu E. Giurgea just as much as they trigger awe today. The question still remains: Who should take nootropics? Who isn’t recommended to use smart drugs?

Let’s find out.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Noopept

Who Should Use Nootropic Memory Supplements?

Giurgea recognized the plethora of ways nootropics can be used at the beginning of his studies. We’re all humans, we all could do with a little more brainpower at hand. That’s exactly what nootropic memory supplements – smart drugs – do.

No matter your age or profession, there are most certainly some areas of your life that would benefit from the use of nootropics. Though it’s the enhancement of cognitive function that nootropics are praised for the most, these smart pills can also lend a helping hand while exercising or gaming.

Yet, before we dive into the cases when using nootropics would be beneficial (if not recommended), let’s outline who shouldn’t even consider nootropics – for their own health.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

Who Shouldn’t Use Nootropics?

According to the prerequisites of nootropics formulated by Giurgea, smart drugs are safe by definition – if a substance is somehow dangerous, it’s not a nootropic. Still, there are a few cases when you should give up on taking nootropics for your own good. The research on nootropics is still inconclusive, and we don’t want you to take any chances.

Pregnant Women

Nootropics are by no means recommended when pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The stimulants and substances that are usually harmless might result in unwanted health effects during pregnancy.

The most widely known nootropic is a derivative of Piracetam, which is often used in calming seizures. Caffeine, another substance of nootropic qualities, has been popularized throughout centuries. The strongest of the racetam family is Pramiracetam – learn more about this nootropic from our website.

The case is that during nursing or pregnancy, every sip of coffee and every pill a mother swallows enters her bloodstream and breast milk. Though those are very little amounts, the fragile organism of a newborn baby should never be put at risk.

People with Mental Illness

Nootropics are brain-enhancing memory supplements that boost the cognitive function in healthy individuals. Though it might sometimes be hard to determine who a healthy individual is, it’s much easier to say who isn’t alright.

If you already struggle with mental illness – be it depression, psychotic disorders, or trauma-related disorders – it is not recommended to take nootropics.

On the other hand, however, things like anxiety or mood disorders are also categorized as mental illness. Still, in such cases, nootropics are oftentimes recommended. Their healing effect in fighting stress or sleep deficits is backed by research.

What’s the right thing to do then? How healthy do you have to be to use nootropics?

The best way to find out is by consulting your doctor. Just ask them what they think, they might even prescribe you some nootropic supplements if they find it necessary.

People Taking Other Brain-Affecting Memory Supplements

All substances are different, and nootropics often affect different parts of your brain and body. Sometimes it might happen that two safe memory supplements become dangerous when combined together.

If you do decide to combine nootropics, make sure to consult either your doctor or the manufacturer himself. Some shops sell nootropic bundles, so packs of nootropic substances that work perfectly together. Be careful when experimenting on your own, though.

If the brain-affecting drugs are not nootropics, the game gets even more tricky. Drugs like Adderall, antidepressants, antipsychotic medications, and even psychedelics are not to be mixed with nootropics under any circumstances. Your brain, though powerful, is a fragile thing. Be careful with it.


Depending on a country’s regional or national legislation, some nootropics are still illegal. Many e-commerce websites selling nootropics just can’t ship their products to countries like Germany because of the local law.

Still, no matter where you are, nootropics are not to be experimented with by people below the age of 18. First of all, the law strictly prohibits any such actions.

Second of all – but more importantly – the brains of youngsters are actively developing. During puberty and at school, young people’s brainpower is put to a great test. The youth’s brains keep improving their cognitive function and keep creating new neuro-connections. This process oughtn’t to be tinkered with.

Despite the few exceptions, nootropics can be really helpful in improving your well-being. How?

Who Should Use Nootropics?

Due to the multitude of health- and brain-related benefits, nootropics have become popular among a few groups. People willing to boost their brain to do better at university, work, or improve their memory, reach out for nootropic supplements to bring their cognitive function to a whole new level.

Regardless if you fall into one of the discussed groups or not, nootropics might really help you excel at what you’re doing. Who should use nootropics?

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

Memory Supplements for Students

The environment of universities is a highly competitive one. Students always struggle to get the best grades and combine studying with the rest of their lives. Our lives compose many subcomponents – friends, family, hobbies, education.

Making it all work is not an easy task. Especially today, when more and more young people have to face the nihilistic society and their own inner problems, levels of stress and anxiety are disproportionately high among students.

Nootropics are a great solution for students. What benefits can students expect from nootropics?

Improved Focus

In the interconnected world of technology, we’re surrounded by distractors. Social media always try to get our attention, and ceaseless notifications are not making it any easier to oppose them.

Nootropics can help you focus on what you’ve got to do. Once you’ve put your phone away, smart pills will enhance your ability to keep your mind sharp and pay more attention to your assignments. Nootropics prevent brain fog by improving concentration and alertness.

Improved focus is a great asset of using nootropic supplements for university students. Forget about the distractors – focus, and achieve great results.

Better Memory

How many times have you spent hours learning, only to forget all the knowledge the next day? In modern-day society, we often struggle with information overload. The news anchors keep banging at our door, social media corrupt our minds, and the number of things you have to learn for tests is always getting bigger.

Remembering what you’ve learned is crucial for students if they want to expand their knowledge and score great grades. Nootropic substances grant better cognitive functioning of the brain, improving memory and supporting brain balance.

Enhanced Acquisition of Knowledge

Memory is not everything, though, What’s the use of learning hundreds of formulas and lines of text, if the knowledge doesn’t become a part of you?

Through improving memory and cognitive functions of the brain, nootropics make acquiring knowledge easier. It’s not only about the grades and remembering things. The true pursuit of knowledge means making it stay in your head, broadening your horizons, and expanding your information hard drive – the brain itself.

Good Mood

The American Psychological Association (APA) shows growing concern for students’ mental health. Increasingly more students are faced with serious mental problems like depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Those are paramount problems of our society today.

Influencing your brain, nootropics will make you feel uplifted and upbeat. Of course, you won’t become a sunshiny, happy idiot all of a sudden (why would anybody want that anyway?). Research shows though, that smart drugs make people feel better by decreasing the levels of stress and negative emotions.

In fact, it’s not about feeling happy. The issue of happiness is a recurring theme in debates among philosophers and intellectuals. Feeling less miserable is a great start. Nootropics help students successfully cope with anxiety and depression.

Your relationships – not only with your lover but also with your friends and family – may as well benefit from your own well-being. Spread this love that you have.

Speaking of depression and other mental disorders, we’d like to underline this once again: This Ultimate Nootropics Guide, comprehensive as it is, is not a substitute for your doctors. If you have problems with your mental health, consult your doctor first.

Higher Productivity

All of the aforementioned benefits of nootropic – improved focus, better memory, enhanced acquisition of knowledge, and better mood – contribute to a substantial rise in productivity.

The effects of nootropics overlap in many areas, and one benefit triggers another. Think about it this way – if you find studying easier, get better grades, and feel better, you’ll be more willing to sit at your desk and keep learning.

At university, it’s all about productivity. The more time and effort you devote to developing yourself and your projects, the more successful it will be. In the long term, it will also turn out to be advantageous to you. Once you become a working professional, all of these assets will help you get to the top.

Working Professionals

Everybody wants to get to the top. Under capitalism, we’re always participating in the race for money, social status, promotion, and a (seemingly) better life. Each of your coworkers is driven by similar motives, striving for more or less the same.

Want it or not, capitalism rewards competence and hard work. CEOs of international companies lose sleep to keep their businesses going, while engineers in Silicon Valley devote their entire lives to innovation.

That’s neither a reason to victimize yourself, nor to give up. What can you do instead?

Among the professional circles, there’s a cult of workaholism. This phenomenon can be observed in Japan, where people die of over-working. It’s become so frequent an occurrence that it has a name of its own. Karoshi means literally “overwork death,” and is caused by heart attacks and strokes, triggered by overworking and unhealthy eating habits.

It probably isn’t the case for you, but you get the gist. The issue of overworking culture is a problematic one. For working professionals, instead of putting a lot of pressure on themselves, working smart would be a reasonable option. Your brain has a lot of potential, and enhancing it seems like a good idea.

How can working professionals benefit from using nootropics?

Get Ahead of the Competition

The corporate world is a never-stopping race. Doing your best may not be enough.

Using nootropics can give you the head start you needed to take the first step. Get ahead of the competition by unleashing your brain’s potential with smart drugs.

Meet Tight Deadlines

Doing your job on time is quite stressful. You have files to go through, tables to fill, calculations to get done. Professionals are under a lot of pressure, and time is yet another burden.

Nootropics give you peace of mind, improve your focus and productivity, making each deadline seem less intimidating.

Get Promoted

If you improve your productivity and get more productive at work, getting promoted is just a matter of time. Of course, nobody can guarantee that using smart drugs will give you a promotion, but enhancing your brain certainly increases that possibility.

Yet, professionals are not only those sitting at their desk or in conference rooms. Athletes too can benefit from nootropics.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Noopept


Many nootropic substances improve not only your brain and its cognitive function, but also your physical performance – though not so directly.

Some synthetically derived nootropics are proven to enhance your athletic performance. Which substances are best for athletes? Whenever looking through the ingredients of your nootropic supplements, be on the lookout for:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Creatine
  • Caffeine
  • L-Carnitine

These nootropic substances influence your brain and body by regulating the levels of stress, giving you energy boosts, and keeping you motivated.

Some studies show how nootropics can increase blood flow to the brain, shorten regeneration time, and enhance reaction time. Exercising is proven to improve your brain anyway, so combining it with smart drugs can only make it better. [12]

For people of the older generation, sports may not be an option anymore. The healing effect of nootropics can also be noticed in cases of dementia or memory loss, especially among people over 55.

Older Adults

Adults over 55 and the elderly often struggle with memory problems – dementia and related brain degeneration illnesses are a hurdle on a way to live a good life. Nootropics can help people cope with memory loss to enhance their brains.

As we age, our brains naturally lose neurons, damaging our cognitive function. Though we cannot realistically stop this process, we can slow it down with a few strategies. Combined with a reasonable dose of exercise and a healthy diet, nootropic smart drugs may have a major healing impact on the brain

According to the US National Center for Biotechnology Information, memory is a complex phenomenon comprising many levels. That includes short- and long-term memory, sensory memory, and learning. As the NCBI says, “ageing has been described as a physiological process involving all body tissues.” We all can’t hide from it, but we can fight the gradual loss of memory.

In this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, you’ll find that the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method has a plethora of benefits for older adults.

At Goodlife Engineering, we understand that people over 55 are not so inclined to experiment with different memory supplements, no matter their potential effects. Many older adults show concerns and doubts about nootropics. This Ultimate Guide is here to answer all your questions. You’ll learn what nootropics are, how smart drugs work, and why smart pills have recently become so popular. 


The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars. People not only use mobile games and gaming consoles to relax and for entertainment, but also to make money out of it. E-sport is no joke, and professional gamers can improve their performance with smart drugs.

If you want to pursue an e-sport career or get to know technology better as a whole, check out our Ultimate Technology Guide – Definitive Technology. In that article, you’ll learn how to buy the right technology for you. For example, if you want to jump into e-sport, then this guide is for you.

The world of e-sport is a highly competitive environment, and gamers always look for new ways to improve their performance. Smart drugs can really get you ahead. How can nootropics help gamers and e-sport professionals?

  • Nootropics Improve Focus and Attention
  • Smart Drugs Make You More Resistant to Stress and Pressure
  • You Become Better at Strategic Thinking
  • Prevent Brain Fog
  • They Give You Energy
  • Smart Pills Can Make You More Responsive
  • Facilitate Brain Balance
  • Nootropics Will Enhance Your Short- and Long-Term Memory

Are Nootropics For You?

As you see, there are many cases when the use of nootropic substances can help you in your life. Smart pills enhance your brain’s cognitive function. Who should use nootropics?

  • University Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Athletes
  • Older Adults
  • Gamers and E-Sport Professionals

Sure, you might think up even more beneficial uses of nootropics. If anything comes to your mind, make sure to let us know in the comments below. Even if you don’t fall into any of the categories above, you might as well find smart drugs helpful in your life.

When discussing the topic of nootropics, it would be irresponsible not to mention the cases when using smart drugs is not recommended. Who should give up on nootropics?

  • Women Who Are Pregnant or Want to Have a Child Soon
  • People With Mental Illness
  • People Taking Other Brain-Affecting Drugs
  • Underage Youngsters and Minors

Now you more or less know who should (and who shouldn’t!) consider enhancing their brain with nootropics. If you’re intrigued by the effects of smart pills, you might want to find out where and how you can buy smart drugs.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Buy Nootropics

How to Buy Nootropics?

Despite the research is still in progress, nootropics are generally safe substances (apart from a few exceptional cases). You can have nootropics delivered to your door without leaving your home. When you buy nootropics, make sure you do that from a legitimate site.

There are a few online e-commerce sites that specialize in selling brain-enhancing drugs. We’ve looked through the reviews, what they offer, and what their services offer. Here’s our Ultimate Nootropics Guide.

Disclaimer: The information in this section of the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method is a compilation of products from online shops, and all the product details come from the shops’ sites. For your convenience, we’ve gathered all the best products and shops in one place.

Buy Nootropics and Memory Supplements Online

MindLab Pro

The nootropic offer of MindLab Pro contains one nootropic formula boosting cognitive function for different types of active people: athletes, students, working professionals, and people over 55 years old.

MindLab Pro is a product that combines the power of 11 brain-boosters and vitamins for the brain enhancing effect. Their patented formula is research-backed and safe. What the manufacturers of MindLab Pro stress is that their product is legal and clean, without any additional, pointless ingredients – it’s 100% brainpower.

All dosages are shown for your security. These nootropic doses are highly potent, clinical-range smart drugs. They ships their nootropics worldwide and you can track your order with a link that’s sent to your email within 24 hours after dispatch.

Memory Supplements from MindLab Pro

The nootropic formula from MindLab Pro consists of a veneer of brain-enhancing nootropic ingredients, including:

  • Citicoline – this nootropic optimizes brain pathways, improving attention, brain energy, memory, and focus.
  • Phosphatidylserine – is a research-backed nootropic substance that enhances long-term memory. The nootropic company uses eco-friendly Sharp-PS Green made from natural sunflower lecithin.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – promoting brain plasticity and regeneration, the Lion’s Mane Mushroom is the only mushroom with nootropic properties. It also enhances overall brain health and brain health.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – great for focus and studying, this nootropic helps you acquire new knowledge and supports blood flow to the brain.

The nootropic pills from MindLab Pro are like nourishing food for the brain, improving its overall performance and strengthening it long-term. Apart from the memory supplements mentioned above, this ultimate nootropic includes other vitamins and herbs for the best cognitive results – helping memory, clarity, and focus.

You can buy the all-in-one nootropic pills from MindLab in three package variants (supply for one month, two months, or three months). The prices range from around $55 for one box to $165 for a 3-month supply.

Raw Powders

In contrast to MindLab, who offers an all-in-one product, on the Raw Powders website you’ll find a wide variety of noopept and nootropic substances to choose from. They all influence your brain in slightly different ways, like brainpower, body performance, well-being, or sleep.

Raw Powders is a company from the UK. Apart from nootropics and noopept substances, you can also buy products that help you lose weight, like fat burners and diet shakes, along with sports nutrition and vitamins.

Memory Supplements from Raw Powders

What kinds of nootropics can you buy at Raw Powders?

  • Phenibut – this nootropic supplement gives you a peace of mind, producing a calming effect. This smart drug is naturally synthesized in your brain, helping with anxiety, stress, or even insomnia. The prices start at $30 for a pack.
  • Noopept – noopept smart drugs enhance your brain’s capabilities and boost brain performance. Taking this noopept nootropic will result in the improvement of your overall mental well-being and positively influence the brainwork – noopept helps with anxiety and mood swings. This particular noopept substance is among the most popular of all nootropics, and their prices at Raw Powders start at $40.
  • Melatonin – found naturally in the human body, melatonin is a hormone responsible for the sleep cycle, released to your blood when your body demands sleep. Synthesized melatonin helps with sleep deficits, insomnia, or when you want to control your sleep cycle. At Raw Powders, you can buy 200 tablets for $10.
  • Uridine – supports short- and long-term memory, improves cognitive functions of your brain, helps you learn and focus. For around $30 you can buy 60 smart capsules of uridine at Raw Powders.
Other Nootropic Products
  • GABA – the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (aka GABA) can be found in the human brain tissue. This natural nootropic stops particular brain signals responsible for anxiety or stress, hence producing a calming effect. You can choose between GABA powder or smart pills for about $20.
  • Bacopa – also known as Brahmi, bacopa monnieri is a nootropic enhancing brain performance. Brahmi is a smart drug boosting your memory, helping you learn, and letting you relax. Using this nootropic drug can even lead to a decrease in blood pressure, and you can buy 60 tablets for some $18.
  • Ashwagandha – for around $20, ashwagandha, commonly known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, this ancient medical herb can reduce blood sugar levels, help reduce stress and anxiety, and increase muscle mass and strength.

Alongside the ones we’ve just discussed, Raw Powders offer over 30 other nootropics. You can buy the smart drugs in the form of capsules or as a powder. Raw Powders is a comprehensive library of brain-enhancing products meant to bring your life to a whole new level.

Nootropics Depot

Just like Raw Powders, Nootropics Depot offers a wide variety of nootropic memory supplements to choose from. You can buy them all online, delivered to your door. Once you land on the Nootropics Depot website, you can sort the products by use or by type.

Dietary supplements and nootropic compounds at Nootropics Depot include amino acid supplements, mushroom extract supplements, ayurvedic supplements, and nootropics. The smart drugs from Nootropic Depot are backed by research and testing – they’re pure, safe, and legal.

They provide nootropics in both powder and capsule forms, combining lab-tested ingredients. What types of nootropics can you buy at Nootropics Depot?

Memory Supplements from Nootropics Depot
  • Amino Acid Supplements – building the human body, amino acids are the components of proteins. They’re a source of energy and are known for their help when building muscle weight. Amino acids have other benefits too though: they support overall immunity, keep you healthy, and make you feel good, supporting positive moods.
  • Plant Extracts – extracts from ashwagandha, ayurvedic, or bacopa monnieri improve your brain performance and enhance cognitive functions. These natural nootropics make you sharper, and Nootropics Depot assures you of their supplements’ safety and high-quality.
  • Ayurveda Supplements – with its roots in the Indian subcontinent’s medicine, Ayurveda is “the knowledge of longevity.” Today, Ayurveda is a set of modernized traditions derived from the thousand-year-old methods. According to Ayurveda, our minds and bodies are inextricably intertwined, hence we should take care of both of them. Herbs impacting our brain have an impact on our bodies and vice versa.
Other Nootropic Memory Supplements
  • Natural Nootropics – natural nootropic supplements include berberine, caffeine, and choline. These substances affect your brain but aren’t lab-produced. If you decide to buy those smart drugs at Nootropics Depot, you get to choose between capsules and powder, and the prices range from $10 to $70 – depending on the nootropic and the size of the package.
  • Caffeine Supplements – not too many people are aware that caffeine is by far the most widely used nootropic substance used worldwide. Millions, if not billions of people every day sip their coffees. Caffeine is a strong brain-enhancing substance, possibly the most popular of all nootropics on Earth.
  • Traditional Chinese Herbs and Mushrooms – in the Eastern tradition, mushrooms and herbs have been used for medical purposes for centuries. Extracts from these natural products improve your brain performance. On the Nootropics Depot, you’ll find extracts from Lion’s Mane, Panax Ginseng, Poria Mushroom, and many more.
  • Choline Supplements – these nootropics enhance your memory and focus. The cholinergic supplements come in tablets and powders, and they may improve the cognitive functions of your brain and impact your mood – making you feel better!

Other Nootropic Products

Apart from the types of nootropics we’ve just discussed, at the Nootropics Depot, you’ll find a myriad of other supplements: based on ingredients such as fish and krill oil, minerals, mushrooms, and pseudo-vitamins.

If you want to learn more about Nootropics Depot’s products, you can take a look at the guide through their products – you can compare different substances or get to know mushrooms better!

In the Nootropic Brain Enhancing Method, this Ultimate Nootropics Guide helps you find all the essential information on smart drugs in one place. Despite this guide is a comprehensive one, we always encourage you to stay curious, keep reading on the topic that interest you, and create yourself a good life.

HR Supplements

Strengthen your mind and body with natural supplements from HR Supplements. This US company offers international shipping to many European countries.

HR Supplements offer product bundles and blends, and you can even buy nootropics in bulk wholesale. Apart from nootropics, they offer muscle building supplements, physical performance boosters, mushroom extracts.

On their website, you’ll find capsules, powders, and choline sources. They offer over sixty different products to choose from. Which nootropics from HR Supplements are the best?

Nootropics from HR Supplements 

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – abbreviated as ALCAR, the cognitive compounds are sold as capsules in a 500-mg box. 240 smart pills of this dietary supplement cost $19.99. They boost brain and nerve function and are a powerful neurotransmitter. These nootropic capsules promote healthy cognitive function, support endurance and recovery, boost metabolism and enhance focus and memory. ALCAR capsules help you fight the age-related degenerative changes in your brain, keeping you sharp when ageing.
  • Caffeine L-Theanine – 60 capsules of this nootropic cost $9.99 on a discount at HR Supplements. Taking these smart pills will help you stay energetic and focused throughout the day. Promoting cognitive functions, these nootropics enhance your brain performance using caffeine – the most popular brain-enhancing substance on Earth. Caffeine stimulates the CNS – central nervous system – along with supporting your muscles and heart. Keep reading to learn more about caffeine!
  • Citicoline  – for $27.99 you can purchase a 25-mg box containing 120 capsules. This nootropic supplement made from choline is composed of compounds that occur naturally in your body cells. Their benefits include improved metabolism, brain metabolism, enhanced memory, and boosted attention. If you take citicoline, you’ll see your brain energy improve, helping you complete your days’ tasks more easily.
Memory Supplements
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules – these smart capsules affect your whole body, and a 120-pill box costs $28.99, containing 100 mg of this nootropic supplement. Known as hericium erinaceus, Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom, whose positive effects on the body and brain are backed by science. Not only do they grant cognitive support and protect your digestive system, but they also support the levels of sugar in your blood and are high in protein. With extracts from Lion’s Mane, your whole body will benefit.
  • Panax Ginseng – 120 tablets of this product contain 80% of ginsenosides, compounds that have been used in traditional medicine for ages, and cost $15.49. These strong nootropic dietary supplements have an anti-inflammatory effect and have a healing effect in some cancer cases. The Panax ginseng comprises a wide range of bio-active substances that support healthy brain function, give you a feel-good effect, and give you energy through supporting natural energy production.

Those are but a few nootropics you can buy through HR Supplements. At Goodlife Engineering, we believe that nootropics and smart drugs can help you unleash your brains potential, and sites like HR Supplements give you the opportunity to explore nootropics on your own.

Memory Supplements from Mind Nutrition

With Mind Nutrition, you can buy nootropics in the UK. Powders, pills, teas, solutions, or even custom blends tailored to your needs – with Mind Nutrition there’s a lot to choose from.

The nootropic supplements at Mind Nutrition are lab-tested for purity. Whenever or wherever you decide to experiment with nootropic substances, always make sure you buy smart drugs from a reliable source. In this Ultimate Guide to Nootropics, we’ll only tell you about sites with authority, to make your experience with smart pills safe and successful.

Mind Nutrition is focused on the UK market of nootropics. Along with pills and powders, they offer solutions – nootropic memory supplements in a slightly different form. What nootropic solutions can you buy at Mind Nutrition?

Nootropic Solutions and Memory Supplements

  • Alpha GPC Solution – the 30 ml liquid solution is quickly absorbed by the brain. Because it passes the blood-brain barrier fast, less energy is needed to see the effects of this solution. For £18.95, this solution will not only enhance your brain’s cognitive capabilities but also influence your physical activities, improving coordination and strength. It’s an alcohol-free, non-GMO, vegan product.
  • Curcuron Solution – these mood-supporting drops cost £23.95. A 30 ml bottle is also helpful to your memory. The Curcuron solution is proven to facilitate positive mood and enhance the brain’s functioning. This nootropic solution is suitable for people of all ages, containing no GMO, gluten, or alcohol.
  • L-Theanine Sublingual Solution – being the cheapest option at Mind Nutrition, the L-Theanine Solution costs £7.95 and contains amino acids responsible for the calming effect of some teas. This 30 ml bottle helps you fight anxiety and stress, as well as enhance your cognitive abilities. This nootropic improves cognition and focus, and its benefit can be likened to coffee.

Mind Nutrition is a large nootropic online shop. They offer dietary supplements for cognitive support, sleep support, energy and focus, choline and cortisol support. At Goodlife Engineering, we believe that Mind Nutrition is by far the best e-commerce shop to buy nootropics in the UK.

At, you’ll find the manufacturer’s nootropic substances and supplements. They believe that nootropics are about what works for you, and they want to beautifully enrich your brain and yourself.

The mission of is plain and honest. Securely delivering your orders and make your life better with safe and secure smart drugs.

Choosing the right nootropic to begin with may be a difficult task, especially if you’re new to the topic. In their online shop, you can filter all the supplements by their effect. Apart from the brain-enhancing benefits, you can also purchase smart pills and powders for neuroprotection, socializing, verbal fluency, and confidence.

These products distinguish from their competition. What are the most interesting nootropic products on


There are two products that boost your confidence at The Phenibut is a nootropic smart drug that enhances confidence and extroversion, at the same time decreasing levels of anxiety and stress.

Noopept substances are smart pills that work in a short span of time, between 1 and 4 hours. Without any side effects whatsoever, this noopept nootropic boost your confidence and improves your brain functions.

Both the Phenibut and the Noopept can be bought in 40-pill boxes for $39. On the website, you’ll find further details on dosage and detailed information on these nootropics.


For $39 you can buy 60 capsules of Piracetam, the original nootropic, whose brain-enhancing characteristics were discovered by Corneliu E. Giurgea himself. Piracetam has a wide range of effects on you. By making you feel better, happier, and more relaxed, it opens you to other people.

Other smart pills that make you more approachable and help you socialize are Aniracetam and Phenylpiracetam – both strong noopept nootropics that cost respectively $49 and $59 for 60 capsules.


The well-being of your brain depends largely upon a steady sleep cycle. Melatonin, a natural hormone released in your body when it demands sleep, is responsible for your natural body clock. 60 capsules of synthesized Melatonin cost $29 and can give you back control of your sleep.

L-Theanine is another cheap nootropic that grants you neuroprotection of the brain. A 60-capsule box costs $25 and results in reduced levels of anxiety and stress. The calming effect of L-Theanine can also be observed in a veneer of teas. You can learn how to enhance your brain with L-Theanine from our article. is an easy-to-use site where you can buy nootropics online. Unfortunately, due to legal regulations, products cannot be sent to some countries. Always make sure that your experience with smart drugs is not only safe but also legal.

Their mission is to drive innovative research in cognitive, metabolic, and cognitive science. offers a wide range of powders and solutions. They’ve got nootropic substances, along with products impacting longevity, metabolism, and natural products.’s offer of nootropics is focused predominantly on powders and solutions. New products keep popping up to their e-commerce site, so let’s discuss three of their newest arrivals. is a very specific site though.

Lab-Use Nootropics

Most of the nootropic products they sell are dedicated exclusively for laboratory research. They cannot and are not sold for individual use. You can’t buy them for medical, veterinary, or household purposes as well.

Still, if you happen to be a researcher inclined to take a closer look at nootropic, then is the site just for you.

Pure Nootropics

You can search for top natural nootropics, smart drugs for mental performance and brain support, nootropics for energy and mood.

If you’ve already been into the topic of nootropic supplements for some time, you might want to take your experience to a whole new level. Willing to enhance your brain capacity and cognitive function even more?

Pure Nootropics offer a veneer of bundles – pre-set combinations of different nootropic products like smart pills and solutions. Which nootropic bundles from Pure Nootropics should you consider?

Mushroom Power Pack

The Mushroom Power Pack from Pure Nootropics is a bundle of five mushroom extracts. These nootropics influence your immune system, enhance memory, boost energy, and may increase the levels of testosterone in men.

The bundle includes powders and capsules made out of Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms. Each of the nootropic products boost your performance in different niches – some have more impact on the body, others on the mind.

The usual price for this bundle is $179.95. These organic nootropics will boost your brain’s cognitive function, enhance your mood, and at the same time provide a combination of noopept substances to improve your life.

Power Athletes Bundle

Five performance-boosting products made specifically for athletes are combined in one bundle from Pure Nootropics. The Power Athletes bundle isn’t available in all countries, so make sure that your home makes it to the list.

The Power Athletes Bundle consists of Krill Oil soft gels, 1-2-Go supplement, Phenylpiracetam powder and capsules, Sulbutiamine capsules, and KSM-66 Ashwagandha powder and capsules.

These products contain caffeine, natural noopept nootropic extracts, and unique antioxidant. Together, they’re a strong foundation for boosting your physical performance, increasing your levels of motivation and energy.

Whenever you buy nootropics, be sure to read the ingredients table. The KSM-66 supplement, for instance, contains milk allergens. In times, when more and more of us are allergic to specific foods and substances, you should know exactly what you’re buying. We want your nootropic experience to be safe and successful. The Ultimate Nootropics Guide is here to warn you against all such nuances.  

Basic Wellness Bundle

Improve your well-being and have a better life with the Basic Wellness Bundle, which comprises vitamin D, choline, and fish oil. At Pure Nootropics, the bundle of four products costs $38.99, and together they improve the quality of your life.

The noopept nootropic supplements will support your heart’s health, boost your mood, and increase cognitive function. Other health benefits of these nootropics include supporting bone and joint health.

For a relatively cheap price, this bundle is a position worth considering when scrolling through the Pure Nootropics site. Make sure to take it into consideration when placing your order.

Buying Nootropics Online – Is It Safe?

You might have been warned about buying anything online, but let’s face it – more and more of purchases are made via e-commerce shops. Not only are they easier to use, but you also get a wide variety of products delivered to your door.

You won’t find too many nootropic shops in your vicinity. The eight online shops we discussed above are reliable and professional. Once you read this Ultimate Nootropics Guide and decide to enhance your body and brain with noopept smart drugs, you can head directly to these online shops.

In the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method, we’ve covered the most worthwhile products from those sites, yet there’s a lot of nootropic supplements, capsules, and powders we haven’t touched upon.

Buy Noopept Nootropics Responsively

Feel free to do your own extra research and find what’s more suitable for you. Remember to take your local legislation into consideration – some countries are completely excluded from the nootropic market due to their national or regional law.

Keep in mind that some nootropics are accessible solely with a prescription. If you’re too worried about buying smart drugs from third-party manufacturers and shops, talk to your doctor – they might prescribe you some nootropic memory supplements, for example, if you struggle with dementia and other brain-related illnesses.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

How Nootropic Memory Supplements Enhance Your Brain

Since the subject of nootropic substances is a disproportionately deep one, it would be difficult to characterize all smart drugs at once. What we do know, is that they have an effect on your brain and may enhance your cognitive function. Still, each of them does that in a slightly different way.

In the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method, get to know every nootropic substance like the palm of your hand.

Panax Ginseng

The ginseng’s medical properties have been recognized by Asian peoples centuries ago. Also known as the Chinese ginseng, Panax Ginseng is a plant whose roots have been used in herb and traditional medicine.

Panax Ginseng is native to Asian regions of Russia, Korea, and China. Its commercial farming has recently become common in these very countries. 

Among all ginseng species, Panax Ginseng is the most popular one to cultivate. At the same time, some call it the true ginseng, for its properties are backed by the most research.

Research carried out by NCBI suggests that a two-weak ginseng session in healthy individuals, the cognitive function improved. It’s difficult to measure the functioning of the brain, yet the results insinuate the brain-enhancing effects of Panax Ginseng.

What are the nootropic properties of Panax Ginseng?

  1. Improves Brain Cognitive Function [13]
  2. Helps Treatment in Erectile Dysfunction [14]
  3. Boosts Energy Levels [15]

Some sites report that taking Panax Ginseng may positively influence your memory and abstract thinking. Boosting your brain, this nootropic improves your cognitive function.

In healthy adults, Panax Ginseng may have a major impact on some aspects of their well-being – something we all have to work for ourselves. Another NIH research indicates that taking the Asian ginseng gives the feeling of calmness and improves memory.

The Panax Ginseng may have positive effects on your overall well-being and quality of life. Improving cognitive function, benefiting your physical and mental health, and making your social life better. [16]

As a conclusion, it’s important to note that the effects of taking this nootropic substance may vary depending on the time-span of using the ginseng. The recommended length is six months.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

By far the most popular natural nootropic substance available right now is Lion’s Mane mushroom. You can buy the extract from this mushroom on virtually any site we’ve discussed earlier.

This mushroom enhances both short- and long-term memory, helping you learn and acquire knowledge. It’s been widely popular among university students, willing to excel at their courses.

Known systemically as hericium erinaceus, the edible lion’s mane fungus is a medical mushroom. For a long time, traditional Chinese medicine has used the lion’s mane mushroom to prevent brain fog.

Effects of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom

These mushrooms can also be used for culinary purposes, apart from their nootropic effects. In fact, the lion’s mane mushroom is often used in Asian cuisine even till today. As Healthline says, the long-term benefits of eating the lion’s mane mushroom extract include: 

  1. Prevention of Dementia and Memory Loss
  2. Help in Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  3. Protects the Brain from Cancer
  4. Calming Effect in Parkinson’s Disease
  5. Boost the Recovery After Mental Illnesses
  6. Reduces the Threat of Heart Disease

When it comes to adverse side effects of the lion’s mane, research has shown no dangers whatsoever. The natural fungi extracts seem to be safe, without any risks or dangers. The only thing we’d recommend (arm in arm with Healthline’s experts) is to be careful with lion’s mane if you’re by any chance allergic to mushrooms. It does seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning nevertheless.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Ritalin - Methylphenidate

Methylphenidate (Ritalin)

Methylphenidate is a medical drug used in ADHD treatment sold under the brand name Ritalin. In healthy individuals, it may improve the brain cognitive function, including focus, attention, and memory.

NCBI studies carried out their research in different doses of Ritalin and on a placebo group. The test group included healthy young adults – university students and graduates.

The results of the research were quite dissatisfying – the scientists recorded no difference in brain function in any test group. Yet, many have recommended the use of prescription drugs like Ritalin or Adderall to students. What should you make out of it?

Nootropic Effects of Ritalin

We can’t be sure about anything that happens in our brain. Methylphenidate’s nootropic effects are most possibly linked to its impact on overall life satisfaction and well-being. Ritalin promotes the feeling of happiness with our lives, hence it might give the impression of enhanced cognitive function. When we’re feeling good with ourselves, everything comes easier – studying, striving, learning.

What other studies show is that Ritalin does improve the cognitive function in people below the average of brain performance.

Some research warns us about the dangers of taking Ritalin. Should we take the risk of brain plasticity for the sake of better cognitive performance? [17]

Brain Plasticity

First of all, what is brain plasticity? Of course, it’s about the physical structure of the brain. Brain plasticity is the ability of our minds to adjust to changing environments and undergo changes due to certain experiences. Neuroplasticity is the reason why our brains may go through biological changes (on different levels) because of some psychological experiences.

Brain plasticity is important, as it allows the brain to re-wire itself. Thus, we are able to change our habits, restructure neuroconnections, change the way we look at life. Neuroplasticity also helps the brain recover from injuries with time. Why would that be a threat?

As we repeat time and time again – we don’t really know the brain. Nootropic drugs are becoming more and more common among young people – students and working professionals. Their brains are still in the developing phase, and we can’t be sure about nootropics’ effects on the brain. Positive as they often are, there’s always a shadow of risk.

Research on Ritalin

The study suggests that apart from the brain-enhancing effects, some nootropic drugs may have adverse effects. The paper reads, “Cognitive enhancement is perhaps one of the most intriguing and controversial topics in neuroscience today.” NCBI points out the potential damaging new neuroconnections in the brain. In plain English: Neuroplasticity may facilitate the emergence of bad habits. With improved brain plasticity, we are susceptible to all kinds of new connections.

Despite all these inconclusive data and research, Ritalin is still in common use among young adults and students. Before taking Ritalin – or any brain-affecting substance – always consult your doctor. Be aware of both the potential advantages and dangers of nootropics to make adult decisions and engineer a good life.

What about the other drug so popular among youngsters?

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Adderall

Amphetamines (Adderall)

Adderall has entered universities and is right now quite popular among students wishing to improve their brain cognitive function including focus and memory to do better at school. Amphetamines are now a major hit among youngsters, and newspapers like The New York Times have already coined the phrase Generation Adderall years ago. What is Adderall and how does it impact the brain?

Adderall is a brand name for a substance containing salts and amphetamines. In recent years, it has been used as a brain-enhancing nootropic, improving the cognitive function of the brain, as well as athletic performance. Adderall stimulates the nervous system and may serve as a mood-booster.

Brain-Enhancing Effects of Adderall

The amphetamines in Adderall stimulate some neurotransmitters in the brain, like dopamine, which helps to fight the negative effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As Wikipedia has it, “Adderall causes emotional and cognitive effects such as euphoria, change in desire for sex, increased wakefulness, and improved cognitive control.”

In healthy individuals, Adderall does have the effect of improved focus and better attention. We shouldn’t forget about the other side of the medal though. Adderall has a few adverse side effects, including:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Loss of Appetite
  3. Dry Mouth

Another great danger of taking Adderall is the risk of addiction. Especially in larger doses, Adderall addiction becomes a palpable threat. Some studies have shown that the medical use of Adderall from a young age can contribute to gaining weight and slowing in height. [18]

Brain-related effects of Adderall may also stir discussion and concern. In extreme cases, amphetamines may damage the brain, causing paranoia or delusions. Surprisingly enough, Adderall can cause a rapid breakdown of muscles. According to NCBI, over the past few years, Adderall has been the most largely abused prescription drug.

How Adderall Affects the Brain

Despite all these side effects, why has Adderall become so popular among students? In many cases, the potential positive effects of amphetamines outweigh the dangers. What are the brain-enhancing effects of Adderall?

  1. Better Mood and States of Euphoria
  2. Improved Focus and Attention
  3. Faster Reaction Time
  4. Resistance to Fatigue
  5. Increased Muscle Strength

It’s the large doses of Adderall that may be hurtful. When following the recommendations, you (technically) should be alright.

Adderall may improve both cognitive and physical performance. Amphetamine in small doses has small but unquestionable effects on the brain – improving memory and cognition. It promotes goal-detailed behaviour and increases wakefulness and motivation, helping students focus on one task at a time and ignore distractions.

When it comes to physical performance, athletes find the psychological effects of amphetamine helpful. It’s worth noting that non-medical amphetamine is prohibited in the majority of sporting events. Performance-boosting drugs aren’t too friendly in the athlete community.

How Adderall Works

Let’s dive into some science now. How does Adderall work?

Years of research indicated that “the isomers of amphetamine evoke very large and rapid increases in the efflux of dopamine and noradrenaline […].” Adderall is highly effective in ADHD treatment, as had been predicted since the first studies were conducted. The clinical recommendations suggest that Adderall be used in fighting fatigue, suppressing appetite, and treating narcolepsy. [19]

Adderall is a strong substance, so consulting your doctor is a must. Some use amphetamine as a nootropic in small doses over short periods of time. The American Addiction Centers warn against the long-term side effects of using Adderall, including:

  1. Irritability
  2. Aggression
  3. Headaches
  4. Mood Swings
  5. Weight Loss
  6. Paranoia

Adderall – Conclusion

Again, these (and many more) become a threat only when you abuse Adderall. Premeditated use of amphetamines in Adderall are more likely to do you good. Still, knowing all the potential benefits, as well as dangers, is up to you to decide.

Adderall is an amphetamine, and in countries like the UK it’s illegal to sell or have Adderall without prescription. If the law prevents you from buying this smart drug, you might want to consider other nootropic smart pills and powder. You’ll find plenty of them on the internet – it’s just one click away from an enhanced brain.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Ashwagandha


Also known as withania somnifera, ashwagandha is a medical plant used in Ayurveda alternative medicine. Though there are no conclusive studies on this substance, ashwagandha is a nootropic whose brain-enhancing effects have been reported by many study cases.

Other names for ashwagandha are Indian ginseng, winter cherry, or poison gooseberry. The etymology of the plant’s name is quite telling. Ashwagandha is a combination of ashva (or “horse”) and gandha (meaning “smell”). Though the plant looks tempting with it’s small orange fruit and bell-shaped flowers, ashwagandha’s roots are known for their terrible smell.

The species name, on the other hand, insinuates this nootropic plant’s calming effect. Somnifera in Latin means “sleep-inducing.”

Effects of the Nootropic Memory Supplement Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha’s root powder has been used in Indian traditional medicine for hundreds of years. The Indian ginseng is known for its effects in:

  1. Fighting Anxiety and Producing a Calming Effect
  2. Increasing Testosterone Levels in Men
  3. Prevents Brain Fog
  4. Helping to Build Body Mass
  5. Boosting Energy and Motivation
  6. Promotes Brain Balance
  7. Improving Memory and Brain Cognitive Function

Though ashwagandha is known for these brain-enhancing effects, there is no hard data behind those claims. Too little research has been done on these nootropic plants to prove their effects. Some scientists highlight the importance of placebo, while others see something deeper than that. Big brains keep trying to figure out the mystery of nootropics.

Rhodiola Rosea

This mysteriously-sounding nootropic plant is commonly known as king’s crown or golden root. It’s a perennial flowering plant which can be found in the Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. Rhodiola rosea has found its use in traditional medicine, fighting anxiety and depression.

At Goodlife Engineering, we won’t even attempt to make false claims about nootropics – we care about the facts. This is not some cheap advertisement site. Our mission is not to make you purchase any nootropic substances. We want to educate you on the subject of smart drugs as thoroughly as possible. For this reason, we’ll say it openly – there’s no hard evidence for Rhodiola rosea’s brain-enhancing effects.

More often than not do manufacturers advertise false claims on nootropics only to persuade you to buy their products. Some time ago, the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning letter to some Rhodiola rosea dietary supplements and products for tricking their customers into these plants’ effects.

Effects of Rhodiola Rosea

The problem is that we still don’t have enough data to make any certain claims. Nonetheless, the king’s crown has been used in traditional medicine to:

  1. Fight Anxiety and Depression
  2. Improve Brain Balance Between Hemispheres
  3. Regulate Mood
  4. Improve Resistance to Stress 
  5. Fight Brain Fog

Whenever you decide to buy nootropics, let it be a self-conscious decision, knowing the subject inside out – including the doubts, questions, and controversies.


Speaking in scientific terms, phenotropil’s systemic name is phenylpiracetam. Phenotropil was first used in the 1980s by Soviet Cosmonauts to help them fight the chronic stress of working in space. Structurally it’s similar to Piracetam – one of the most popular nootropic memory supplements.

Phenylpiracetam (or phenotropil) was used to improve both the cognitive abilities and physical performance of Soviet Russia’s astronauts. Today, we can use its nootropic properties to engineer a better life – with a better brain.

How Does Phenylpiracetam Impact Your Body?

Phenotropil nootropic capsules are available to buy online in a plethora of e-commerce shops. To give you a general view on phenylpiracetam, we’ve outlined the brain- and body-enhancing effects of this nootropic substance.

  1. Enhances Cognitive Function [20]
  2. Serves as a Mood-Booster in Fighting Depression and Anxiety [21]
  3. Helps Survive in Extreme Weather Conditions [22]
  4. Facilitates Brain Balance
  5. Helps the Brain Rehabilitate After Injuries and Illnesses [23]
  6. Reduces the Feeling of Brain Fog
  7. Improves Long-Term Memory [24]

Serious research has been conducted on rats to study the effects of phenotropil on the brain. This nootropic’s alleged brain-enhancing properties have been at the front of scholars’ minds for years now. 

The study focused on phenotropil’s impact on neurotransmitters. Researchers indicated that phenylpiracetam facilitates the increase of some receptors and cholines, thus opposing the adverse effects of amnesia and memory loss.

Memory Supplement Phenylpiracteam

Phenylpiracetam’s nootropic properties include higher levels of energy and better mood. This smart drug may make you more energetic throughout the day and reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression. [25]

On the nootropic catwalk, phenylpiracetam holds a strong position. It’s brain- and body-enhancing effects are backed by research. At the same time, it’s got significantly fewer adverse side effects as compared with Ritalin or Adderall. Used by Soviet Cosmonauts, this nootropic can be bought online today.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herbal nootropic is also known as the maidenhair tree and has been cultivated in China for ages. It’s an aeons-old plant, yet the ginkgo biloba is the last specimen of its species – all the others have become extinct by now.

Ginkgo biloba has found its place in the niche of traditional medicine, just like almost every herbal nootropic used today.

The first records of using ginkgo date back to 15th-century China. In the modern world, ginkgo was used for medical purposes for the first time in 1965 in Germany. In traditional medicine, ginkgo biloba was used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Allegedly, ginkgo has memory-enhancing properties that improve the brain’s ability to remember short- and long-term.


A ginkgo leaf is the symbol of the city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Ginkgo Biloba

The increase in the number of age-related diseases concerning the degeneration of the brain have motivated researchers to give a closer look to brain-enhancing substances. Scientists have conducted multiple studies on nootropics, and yet they don’t seem to reach a common ground.

In fact, we don’t really understand the process of ageing, which puts all age-related studies in question. Citing researchers, “Advancing age is a complex and irreversible process induced by many factors. It is a major risk factor for the progression of various diseases and can lead to a decrease in physiological capacity, functional tissue impairment and mortality. There has been much research focusing on the molecular mechanisms of ageing, yet the mechanisms are still not thoroughly understood.”

What do we know about ginkgo biloba?

Most of the research focuses on the extract of ginkgo leaves than on the plant itself. Doctors use ginkgo extract to treat Alzheimer’s disease. [26]

Studies done on test groups, using both ginkgo biloba and placebo, indicated that the extract does improve the brain cognitive function in healthy individuals. The patients’ mood and mental-health got better. Ginkgo biloba may have a significant (and positive) impact on the brain. Impacting memory, cognition, and neuropsychological processes, ginkgo biloba has found its supporters in the world of modern medicine. [27]

Apart from that, traditional medics used ginkgo biloba used to fight other illnesses, such as epilepsy or nerval damage. It has helped patients with schizophrenia to diminish the disease’s symptoms and contributed to a better life of people suffering from dementia. [28]

This ancient seed plant is often called a “living fossil,” because of its age-old history.

Nootropic Effects of Memory Supplement Ginkgo Biloba

Another study indicated the nootropic effects of ginkgo biloba on healthy individuals. The research was conducted on certain doses. According to the study, the potential nootropic effects of ginkgo biloba are:

  1. Enhances Chronic Memory
  2. Improves Cognitive Brain Function
  3. Reduces Negative Effects of Brain Fog
  4. Helps Fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  5. Stops the Degenerative Process of the Brain
  6. Supports Brain Balance Between Hemispheres
  7. Increases the Speed of Information Processing
  8. May Help to Fight Anxiety and Depression

Speaking of the effects and benefits of ginkgo biloba, we should also mention the potential health side effects of this nootropic plant. During a randomized placebo trial with ginkgo biloba, a concerning trend was noticed. The scholars observed that the people who took ginkgo extracts were more likely to have strokes than the placebo group.

Though the numbers are comparably small, it’s a risk you should take into account. Still, other researchers haven’t found any nootropic effects of ginkgo biloba, despite the common knowledge. Studies remain inconclusive. [29]

Caffeine – the Brain-Enhancing Effects of The Most Popular Nootropic Substance in the World

The most popular brain-affecting substance, caffeine is widely used in, you guessed it, coffee, alongside energetic drinks, tea, and cola. This psychoactive substance is legal and known around the whole world.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, and it’s used to:

  1. Improve Focus and Productivity
  2. Boost Energy Levels
  3. Facilitate Brain Balance
  4. Reduce the Feeling of Brain Fog

Unregulated, caffeine is known in nearly all parts of the world. How does it work?

How Caffeine Works

Its nootropic, brain-enhancing effects are owed to blocking the action of adenosine, which is responsible for our being moody or feeling slow. Though it is not recommended to drink too much coffee, the LD (lethal dose) of caffeine through drinking coffee is unimaginably high. One would have to drink hundreds of cups of coffee one after another to bring the danger around.

Still, because caffeine gives us this commonly-known energy boost, letting too much caffeine into our bloodstream can induce serious sleep disorders and health problems.

Some nootropic caffeine dietary substances help you with focusing, give you the impression of wakefulness, and alertness.

Caffeine, the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world, improves your concentration and enhances your brain. Be it the morning coffee to help you get through the day or a cup to give you energy before athletic performance, caffeine is a strong substance. Research and studies back its effects. 

Modafinil (Provigil)

You can find it under the brand name Provigil. We use Modafinil to treat insomnia, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders. Despite inconclusive research, Modafinil may have brain-enhancing properties in healthy individuals, including improvement of cognitive abilities and relaxation.

Some reviews have indicated the nootropic properties of Modafinil apart from its effect on fighting sleep-related issues. Many studies have shown its memory-enhancing abilities. It can also be helpful in coping with anxiety, especially among sleep-deprived adults. [30]

The same research concluded that “the available evidence indicates only limited potential for modafinil to act as a cognitive enhancer outside sleep-deprived populations.” As is the case with many commonly-used nootropics, the scholars can’t quite reach common ground on their efficacy and impact on the brain. Still, Modafinil might have a nootropic effect on the brain.

Modafinil and the Placebo Effect

Placebo effect still is the hinge factor of many a study. This pushes us to ask yet another lofty question – what is the true potential of our minds?

Modafinil might help healthy individuals in soft skills, such as planning or decision making. Through improved memory and cognitive function, Modafinil impacts your well-being too. Test groups have expressed their enjoyment of task performance, which might be the effect of more motivation and focus. No changes in overall mood have been recorded. [31]

Research subjects have also noted higher alertness and improved decision-making. Modafinil made them feel more energetic and attentive while using the smart drug. The conclusion is that Modafinil significantly impacts neuropsychological task performance. This nootropic substance seems to have scientists on its side. [32]

How Nootropics Enhance Your Brain – Conclusion

It’s hard to say anything for sure when it comes to nootropics. Studies are inconclusive at best, yet many people have spoken openly about nootropics’ brain-enhancing effects. Nootropic plants and memory supplements have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, especially in Asian countries.

When speaking of nootropics, we often mention the healing effect of smart drugs. What is it all about?

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - The Healing Effect of Nootropics

The Healing Effect of Nootropic Memory Supplements

Influencing your brain, nootropics are said to help people fight some of the most serious brain-related, mental illnesses. According to some scholars, smart drugs might be helpful when dealing with:

  1. Dementia
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Brain Tumors
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Brain Fog
  7. Insomnia
  8. Heart Diseases
  9. High Blood Pressure

As you see, the list is rather broad. Some people have seen major improvements in fighting the diseases mentioned above during their experiences with nootropics. Of course, there’s not enough data to say whether these positive health-related effects of noopept or other nootropics are 100% sure, but the sole fact that it’s a matter of discussion is quite telling.

Noopept nootropics are a fascinating topic that’s still at the front of many scientists’ minds. Some people claim that smart drugs may help in overcoming bad habits and addiction.

Nothing is certain, and it’s always your decision whether you decide (and whether you believe) in the healing effect of nootropics. Today, there’s a myriad of nootropic memory supplements out there, some of which are already a big hit.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

Different Nootropic Memory Supplements and Substances

By and large, we divide nootropics and memory supplements into categories as follows:

Racetam Family – Piracetam

Nootropic substances in the racetam family, like Pramiracetam or Aniracetam, modulate your brain’s neurotransmitters and the central nervous system. Some studies showed that combined with choline, substances from the racetam family had even greater brain-enhancing effects.

In countries like Australia, these nootropic substances are prescription-only drugs. Before reaching for these nootropics, make sure to consult your doctor first.


Cholinergic drugs are used to treat diseases like Parkinson’s disease or excessive sweating. The general term choline describes the substances that mimic or regulate the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Most animal tissue contains choline.

Cholinergic nootropics may support brain balance by affecting different parts of the brain. What is more, these memory supplements reduce the risk of brain fog and other concentration issues.

Cholinergic nootropics, according to NCBI research, play a key role in enhancing the brain’s cognitive function, including memory.

AMPA Modulators

Other studies show, nootropic AMPA modulators “increased the efficacy but not the potency of AMPA and their action persisted in the presence of the voltage-sensitive calcium channel blocker nifedipine.” They work similarly to noopept nootropics.

What does it mean? AMPA-modulating smart drugs enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities by making the neurotransmitters more efficient. They make the storage and flow of information inside the brain better.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Noopept


These synthetic noopept nootropics have immediate effects on the brain, and the brain-enhancing results of noopept nootropics kick in within minutes and last for a few hours.

Clinical studies confirmed the effects of noopept nootropics. Decreasing cognitive impairments, reducing anxiety and mental distress – noopept nootropics are powerful smart drugs.

The effects of noopept nootropic memory supplements include:

  • Noopept reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Noopept nootropics improve focus;
  • Memory supplements based on noopept work as neuroprotectors;
  • Noopept substances help in fighting brain fog;
  • Noopept stimulates the brain and facilitates brain balance;

What is more, a study shows that noopept nootropic memory supplements can help the brain recover from trauma or other injuries. 


Herbal medicine often uses adaptogenic substances. Their calming effects help you manage stress, fatigue, and frustration. Non-toxic adaptogens are plants popular in Ayurveda, the herbal alternative medicine.

Adaptogens are your allies when coping with stress – be it chemical, physical, or biological. Another study from NCBI compared adaptogens to other ginseng-like plants, and showed that “adaptogens can non-specifically enhance the resistance of the human body under a wide range of external stress conditions with a multi-targeted and multi-channel network-like manner (…).”

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - CBD

CBD – A New Arrival at the Nootropic Stage

Though CBD hasn’t been classified directly as a nootropic drug, the growing popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) has stirred some discussion.

What is CBD? To keep it concise, CBD has the calming properties of cannabis yet it does not contain THC. As a result, CBD makes you relaxed without getting you high.

Some use CBD as a substitute for THC, since marijuana is illegal in most countries. You can buy CBD in many American and European stores, as it’s not a psychoactive drug (at least not the equivalent of weed).

Because of its calming properties, CBD has been used in facing anxiety, stress, fatigue, chronic pain, or even depression.

Nootropic Properties of Cannabidol

Because of those brain- and body-affecting benefits, CBD is oftentimes compared to nootropics, or even categorized as a nootropic substance. Were we to give it a thought though, CBD does seem to fill Corneliu E. Giurgea’s definition of nootropics.

  1. CBD Is a Safe Substance Without Adverse Side Effects
  2. Cannabidiol Works as a Neuroprotector
  3. CBD Is Not a Toxic Substance, Different Than Other Psychoactive Drugs
  4. It Affects The Brain on Different Levels
  5. Helps to Maintain Brain Balance
  6. Reduces the Risk of Brain Fog

On the other hand, there’s no evidence of CBD’s positive effect on improving one’s memory and the ability to learn. Though it helps you relax, it is unclear whether cannabidiol shields your brain from degeneration and memory loss.

CBD is a new arrival at the nootropic stage, but it has become a hit quite fast. Being a substitute for the psychoactive cannabis, cannabidiol calms you down without getting you high.

In the years to come, we will surely see even more interest in CBD, whose properties have already helped people struggling with depression and stress – whether they’re a nootropic or not, they’re certainly worth your attention.


Traditional medicine has used this stimulant for ages. It’s produced naturally in the nightshade family of plants. It’s a highly addictive substance with dangerous and detrimental health effects.

The negative effects of nicotine include:

  1. Increased Blood Pressure
  2. Increased Heart Rate
  3. Contributes to Heart Attacks
  4. Lung Diseases

Why is nicotine so popular – and addicting? Like other drugs, nicotine impacts the brain’s reward system, giving an instantaneous feeling of high and momentary pleasure. Nicotine increases the dopamine levels in the brain. Research indicated that other substances present in tobacco may enhance nicotine’s effects on the brain. [33]

Nicotine Nootropic

The half-life of nicotine, so the time the body needs to get rid of half of the nicotine ingested, is two hours. It means that after such a short time people feel the needs for another dose of nicotine – another cigarette etc. [34]

Despite all the dangers, nicotine does have some positive effects. It helps to get rid of brain fog and increase focus. Nicotine can fasten the time of information processing and make it easier to stay attentive. [35]

Can we categorize nicotine as a nootropic? Some claim that alongside better focus, nicotine can enhance memory and shorten reaction time. Of all the noopept and nootropic substances we’ve discussed in this Ultimate Nootropics Guide, nicotine is the one to raise most controversies. The negative effects of tobacco smoke, or vaping, put nicotine on doctors’ blacklist.

As a matter of fact though, there are other ways you can consume nicotine – be it nicotine chewing gum or patches. Some use nicotine as a brain-enhancing nootropic, at the same time avoiding the detrimental health effects of tobacco.


Before you leave us and decide to buy some nootropic supplements, consider getting to know these few terms – they’ll help you understand the world of nootropics better:

  • Cognition – the brain’s ability to learn, remember, and understand through various sources of information;
  • Nootropic – a brain-enhancing substance that is safe and non-toxic;
  • Brain-Enhancing Herbs – nootropic plants used in traditional medicine;
  • Nootropic Solution – a strong nootropic liquid being an alternative to powders and pills;
  • Racetams – a family of nootropic substances, common on the nootropic market;
  • Synthetic Nootropics – lab-produced nootropic substances;
  • Amphetamines – strong drugs used in mental illness treatment;
  • Brain Fog – temporary lack of understanding and motivation due to mental distress; 
  • Brain Balance – maintaining brain balance between the creative and the logical activities in the brain;
  • Noopept – popular synthetic nootropics.

Those terms are but the most important ones you should remember after reading this Ultimate Nootropics Guide. Understanding them will help you navigate through the complex world of nootropics. 


We’re almost at the end of this Ultimate Nootropics Guide. Let’s recap the possible benefits of nootropics on your brain – and your life:

  • Improved Cognition – nootropics may make it easier to learn new things, focus, and stay attentive;
  • Better Mood – though not all of them, some smart pills can influence your life satisfaction and make you feel better;
  • Enhanced Memory – nootropic supplements may significantly improve your memory
  • Neuroprotection – smart drugs shield your brain from degeneration and some mental illness;
  • Motivation – noopept nootropic drugs boost your motivation;
  • Energy Boosts – if you’re feeling down, smart pills can make you feel more energetic and ready-to-roll;
  • Socializing – some nootropics may make you feel more confident and extraverted;
  • Clear Mind – noopept nootropics reduce brain fog;
  • Brain Balance – noopept and other nootropics facilitate brain balance.

Nootropics influence the brain in a plethora of areas. Though the research remains inconclusive, the potential of nootropics still amazes us.

Nootropics Ultimate Guide - Memory Supplements - Goodlife Engineering - Brain Balance

Summary – Nootropic Memory Supplements

If you’ve made it this far in this Ultimate Guide to Nootropics, your knowledge on the subject of smart drugs is quite deep by now. We encourage you to stay curious and keep educating yourself on the topic of the Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method. But before you dive any deeper, let’s recap what we’ve covered.

A General Characterization of Nootropics

Corneliu E. Giurgea coined the term nootropic in the 1970s. Nootropics are substances that meet very specific requirements: they’re safe, non-toxic, they enhance the brain’s cognitive function and memory.

Nootropics have recently become popular among students, working professionals, e-sport gamers, and older adults. The brain-enhancing effects of smart drugs help people do better at work, university, or simply improve their well-being.

Smart pills and powders aren’t recommended for mentally unstable people, pregnant women, and people under 18. Due to inconclusive research, despite nootropics’ safety, smart drugs probably aren’t a good choice if you fall into one of those categories.

Positive Effects of Nootropics

Nootropics and noopept substances might improve your productivity, motivation, help you with sleep disorders, and successfully fight depression and anxiety. Many researchers attribute nootropics’ brain-enhancing results to the placebo effect. Scientists currently carry out more studies, and the subject of smart drugs still belongs to the sphere of public discourse.

Some people express their concerns about the safety of nootropics, others point out the questionable fairness of using smart drugs. Always do your research and strive for becoming as educated as possible on the topic before you start experimenting with smart drugs.

The one click that puts you apart from nootropics shouldn’t be made out of whim. Taking smart drugs is your adult decision. At Goodlife Engineering, we want you to be aware of the complexity of the topic. Just like it is with technology, new things keep popping out in the debate on nootropics. Learn the ropes before you make your mind up.

Buying Nootropic Memory Supplements

On the internet, you’ll find a plethora of e-commerce shops that offer nootropic dietary supplements – powders, pills, and solutions. Always look at the manufacturers’ description with a critical eye, remembering about the inconclusiveness of research on smart drugs.

Also, before you order your nootropics, make sure you know the local legislation surrounding nootropics. In some countries, there are strict restrictions concerning the use of smart drugs. Also, always consult your doctor in the first place – for your own good.

How Nootropic Memory Supplements Work

Nootropics enhance your brain through improving the speed of neurotransmitters, impact the chemicals in your brain. As a result, they may tweak your memory, reduce stress, and boost your energy.

Nootropic substances are either synthetic or natural. They fall into different categories based on the chemical substance they use. The most important (and the most popular) smart drugs are cholines, noopept nootropics, adaptogens, AMPA modulators, and substances from the racetam family.

Traditional medicine has used natural nootropics for ages. Today, alternative medicine Ayurveda used plants native to China and India.

Nootropics and the Future of the Brain

Now, you know more than a lot about the subject of noopept substances and nootropics… but you’re still not an expert. The research on smart drugs remains inconclusive, as new studies appear now and then.

The prospect of enhancing the human brain is thrilling in itself. Nootropics’ potential is enormous, and we can only imagine what opportunities it brings humanity in the long run.

Final Thoughts on Memory Supplements

The Nootropic Brain-Enhancing Method fascinates us, and at Goodlife Engineering we encourage you to stay curious. Let us know in the comments what you think about nootropics – Are you concerned about them? Have you ever tried nootropics? Have they somehow influenced your life?

This Ultimate Guide to Nootropics is but the tip of an iceberg. What is certain, is that smart drugs have the capacity to change your life for the better. Why not give them a try?

Stay safe and keep engineering your own good life.

Dave from Goodlife Engineering


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