10 Reasons Why The Sony X800h TV Is A Must Have


Introducing the Sony X800h 43 Inch TV. This wonderfully designed smart TV includes all the features you would expect from a modern-day television. Enjoy larger than life pictures with this best 4K TV Dolby vision technology.

Goodlife Engineering Sony X800H 43 Inch TV- 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model
Sony X800H 43 Inch TV- 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility – 2020 Model

In this review, you will get an overview of the key features plus an explanation of the technology and how it benefits you. Also, there will be a rundown of some common questions people ask about this model of smart TV.

The Key Features Of The Sony X800h

In the following sections, these features will be explained in more detail, read on to learn more.

4K HDR Processor

Firstly, in case you don’t know, 4K means the resolution of the picture. The benefit of 4K is that the picture quality is immensely superior and more detailed to previous formats such as 1080p. That means your experience while using the TV for viewing, gaming, or other activities is greatly enhanced. This Sony 4K UHD Android TV is truly the best thing you can have.

This Sony X800h includes 4K that means you can enjoy amazing picture quality. Not only can you watch 4K content on this TV but also if you are watching content in 2K or HD this smart TV has technology built-in that will upscale the picture quality to almost the 4K standard. A wonderful innovation that means you can enjoy the best quality viewing available every time.


As if 4K was not enough, Sony has also included a technology called TRILUMINOS, which enhances the colors shown on the screen.

To bring the screen to life this technology uses more colors and scans each picture to make them more detailed. For you the viewer, this means you can enjoy a program as if it is happening right in front of you.

Android Operating System

Sony has incorporated the Android operating system with this TV. A benefit of this is that it is compatible with the Google assistant. Once connected you can control the TV with just your voice and control all connected devices.

Compatible WIth Alexa

Another assistant that is compatible with this Sony smart TV is the assistant created by Amazon, Alexa.

If you use the Alexa assistant, you can control everything using voice commands. This includes the TV, music, apps, and more.

Integrates With iPhone And Siri

Sony has also thought about Apple users so there is the facility to link the TV to your iPhone or Siri devices.

You can stream from your device straight to the TV or watch your favorite content from the Apple TV app.

HDR And Dolby Vision

The HDR element of this Sony TV helps provide better picture quality. It does this by adjusting the contrast based on all the colors shown on the screen. This great feature is another innovative idea to make sure the picture quality is kept at the highest standard.

To improve the viewing experience even further this smart TV includes Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. These features provide an almost cinema-like event with beautiful picture quality and surround sound. It is truly the best 4K TV Dolby vision available in the market.

Motionflow XR

When watching some content such as an action movie or sports there can be scenes that are hard to keep up with as they are fast-moving. Think of maybe a fight scene or car chase in your favorite action movie.

To combat this issue Sony has added Motionflow technology. This technology means that there will be less disruption to your viewing keeping the action flowing and less blur.


The Sony X800h 43 inch TV uses an ultra-slim design that means it will look fantastic in any home or office.

Narrow Bezel

The bezel, if you did not know, is the bit around the screen that is usually made from plastic or metal. Sony has designed this smart TV with a narrow bezel that makes the X800h a sleek, modern, and cultured TV.

Smart Remote

If you don’t have a smart assistant, then you can benefit from using the smart remote for this TV.

Using this remote you can control the TV and any connected set-top boxes or devices. To make things simple the remote has a microphone that allows you to control everything with just your voice.

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Do I have to use a smart assistant? No, you don’t have to use Alexa or any other smart assistants if you don’t want too.

Does this TV connect to the internet wirelessly? Yes, you can connect using WiFI to save having more cables around the floor.

Would I need a soundbar? A soundbar is optional, thanks to the fantastic technology included the sound should be coming through crystal clear.

How many HDMI ports are there? The Sony X800h TV has 4 HDMI ports.

Can it be mounted on the wall? Yes, this TV can be mounted but a bracket would have to be bought separately.

Pros And Cons


  • Compatible with various smart assistants including Alexa.
  • Amazing picture quality thanks to 4K and TRILUMINOS technology
  • Reduced blur due to Motionflow
  • Looks great in any home thanks to a sleek, modern design with a narrow bezel
  • Smart remote allows you to manage everything with just your voice
  • The 4K processer upscale 2K and HD to near 4K levels
  • Can be wall mounted


  • This TV only fits on the included stand so you can’t use another if you didn’t like the included one

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best smart TV for you there are many factors to consider such as:

  • Picture quality – does the TV have the latest 4K technology? does it have the best 4K that upscales the picture quality?
  • Connectivity – can I connect to my smart device? what operating system does it use?
  • Aesthetic – will it suit my home?

Keeping these questions in mind can help you when are reviewing which TV will meet your needs.

Thankfully, you now know that the Sony X800h 43 inch TV meets all of these requirements plus many more. If you choose this TV, you will not be disappointed. Bring home this incredible Sony 4K UHD Android TV NOW!

Goodlife Engineering Sony X800H 43 Inch TV- 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility - 2020 Model
Sony X800H 43 Inch TV- 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility – 2020 Model


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