Ultimate Watches Guide: Best Types and Brands of Watches for Men and Women


Wristwatches are small watches attached to bracelets or straps worn around the wrist. Apart from their obvious practical use, they’re also an aesthetic piece of jewellery. They were invented in 1868 by the Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe. Watches offer the simplicity of use nowadays, letting you escape the distraction of your phone.  What are the best types and brands of watches for men and women?

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There are many types of watches. The design and functionality of watches have changed over time. They work in slightly different ways, and it’s essential to know the difference. Here are the best types of watches out there:


With a 12-hour clock face, analog watches have an hour and a minute hand. Sometimes they also have a second hand. You can choose between analogues with Arabic or Roman numerals. Sometimes, like the men’s Hamilton Dial Watch, the digits on the clockface tell the minutes.


You might know them under a different name: stopwatch. Chronograph wristwatches allow you to measure time to the very minute.


These wristwatches indicate the time with digits. They’re a more modern choice.

Dress Watch

These watches are elegant pieces of jewellery. They’re simplistic and minimalistic. They go along with tuxedos, suits, and formal garments.


These watches are motored by the movement of the wearer. To keep it in good shape, you shouldn’t leave it on its own for too long. They don’t need winding, the sole hand movement of the wearer gives them the energy needed. Known as self-winding watches, they use the energy accumulated during the day to stay in shape during the night.

Dive Watch

These wristwatches are watertight, designed especially for divers. Usually, they can resist the pressure up to 100 metres below. The best of them can be water-resistant up to 300 metres below. New technologies are being developed to make them even more durable.


Instead of working electronically, mechanical watches use a mechanism to tell time. They are responsible for the famous ticking sound. Its spring has to be wound regularly.


These portable devices are an example of wearable technology. They allow you to use most of the functions of your phone from the watch’s interface. If you want to learn more about smartwatches, make sure to check out our Ultimate Technology Guide.


Powered by an electronic oscillator, these watches are synchronized by a quartz crystal. Though they need battery replacement once in a while, the electric current makes the quartz pulsate with a precise frequency.


Also known as pilot watches, they are a perfect combination of functionality and style. Above all, these timepieces are extremely durable.

Luxury Watches

Studded with crystals and noble minerals, they are a yardstick of status and luxury. Just like the women’s JBW Mondrain Watch, they’re often both expensive timepieces and aesthetic jewellery.

Field Watch

Designed for military officers, field watches are quite similar to pilot watches – they’re both stylish and durable. Some of them are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and last for years. 

Now that you know the different watch types, let’s take a look at some of the best brands out there.

Ultimate Watches Guide: Fossil, Vincero, Sinn, Swiss Watches

Fossil Watches

Fossil watches are very good quality timepieces. Their prices range from affordable time-teller to luxurious pieces of jewellery. You can visit their website to browse through the latest collections.

Most of Fossil watches are made with stainless steel and other high-grade materials. The price of Fossil watches can be anything between $70 and $1000, so the price range is quite wide. They’re designed in Switzerland and manufactured across the globe.

Fossil watches use a battery which lasts anything between 5 and 12 months. In some cases, the manufacturer can repair your watch in case something goes wrong.

Vincero Watches

These beautiful, high-quality watches have a plethora of models to choose from. Vincero Watches are made in Japan, China, and Italy. They’re middle-shelf products, combining affordability by luxurious design.

Vincero watches offer both men’s and women’s timepieces. Their website is full of designs you can check out. Among others, quartz Vincero watches have a great reputation. They combine style and functionality in the best way possible.

Leather, metal, or plastic stripes – you can choose from a variety of different options. Vincero watches originate from Italy. In short, they’re a great choice for somebody with a limited budget, yet willing to buy a stylish timepiece for themselves. 

Sinn Watches

In short, Sinn watches have a reputation for being “tough and reliable.” They’re all extremely durable and are likely to stay with you for years. Sinn watches are designed and manufactured in Germany. 

Though Sinn watches aren’t considered luxury watches, they still offer great, stylish design. Every year, over 12,000 Sinn watches are sold worldwide. They are mechanical timepieces, using a special mechanism to tell time.

Above all, this German brand offers a variety of products. Diving watches, pilot timepieces, and chronographs – the website of Sinn watches has got everything you need.

Relic Watches

Relic watches are a sub-branch of the Fossil groups. They’re known for good quality, stylish design, and high durability. The majority of Relic watches will cost you between $100 and $150, so they’re quite an affordable choice.

However, if you’re on a very tight budget, the prices Relic watches sometimes drop to $50, or maybe even less than that. On average, they last around two years. However, if you take good care of your timepiece, Relic watches can stay with you for up to five years.

In short, Relic watches are more affordable versions of Fossil watches. Still, they keep up the good quality and durability.

Swiss Watches

Swiss watches are known for their high-end quality, extreme durability, and luxurious design. There’s a couple of brands that still design their timepieces in Switzerland. You probably know some of the most popular (and most expensive) brands of Swiss watches. Some of them are:

  1. Rolex
  2. Omega
  3. Cartier
  4. Longines
  5. Patek Phillipe
  6. Audemars Piguet

The high prices of Swiss watches are possibly the most acknowledged feature of these timepieces. They’re made of only the finest materials. It takes time to make Swiss watches, and they’re highly demanded in the market. Hence, the price of Swiss watches only increases over time. 


To engineer a good life, you might want to know watches inside out. There are many types of watches, depending on the way they work. Apart from that, the design is yet another factor that helps to categorize watches.

Some of the most reliable and popular brands include:

  • Fossil Watches
  • Vincero Watches
  • Sinn Watches
  • Relic Watches

Above all, Swiss watches have the greatest reputation worldwide. They’re made of fine materials, the production process is quite lengthy, and the market demand keeps increasing.

A watch does not only tell time, but it can also be a great addition to your outfit, serving as a stylish piece of jewellery.

Dave from Goodlife Engineering


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