Ultimate Furniture Guide: Design, Planning, and Outdoor Gardens – Everything You Need to Know About Furniture


Furniture Definition

In the modern world of interior and outdoor design, furniture helps us construct spaces that fit our needs and aesthetic preferences. Our homes are the temples where we unwind and invite friends for dinner. The movable pieces allow us to create a place of our own in this world. What is furnishing? How to choose the right designs for indoor and outdoor furniture? What should you know about furniture overlays and galleries?

At Goodlife Engineering, our goal is to help you construct a good life for yourself. In the era of consumerism, you can use the commodities and material goods to manifest your style and identity. Be it through choosing the right technology or enhancing your mind with nootropic memory supplements, today’s life entails a plethora of subcomponents. We try to help you make sense out of all this.

What is furniture? By definition, this is a collective term for all moveable items that make a building or a room suitable for working or living in. It includes all chairs, fittings, dining sets, etc. Its origin dates back to the early 16th century, whence the term “furniture” was derived from French.

Contemporarily, it is something much more than making a place liveable. With thousands of varieties to choose from, furnishing is about creating something of your own by making the right choices. A magnitude of ornaments, fixtures, and fittings allow you to construct a place that you can call home.

Furniture Design

Designing furniture has become an industry of its own. In a way, it’s somehow art. Architecture and design are closely knit, and the way homes look on the inside is an unquestionable sign of the time.

Moreover, you can tell a lot about a person by just looking at how their homes look like and what furniture they use. You can easily make an educated guess on one’s aesthetic preferences, or whether they live alone or not. The location and size of their homes can unveil to you the truth about their affluence and social status.

Likewise, movables can be quite telling too. Apart from its practical uses – storing other items or adjusting their height – they’re a new form of decorative art. In the past, to make give your home an aesthetic touch, you needed ornaments, paintings on the walls, or flowers. Now, it plays the same sole in design.

Furniture designers combine fashion with function in a very specialized field. It’s no piece of cake, and furniture design is a sought-after profession, with some people in commercial and industrial design making up to $66,000 yearly.

In design – be it fittings or architecture – the perfect design not only combines functionality and aesthetics, but it’s also usable when something goes wrong. How is that possible? Let’s illustrate this rule on a simple, everyday example – the escalator. Even when the power goes off, you can still walk up or down the escalator as if they were regular stairs, right?

Furniture design combines cutting-edge technologies with a modern outlook on aesthetics. It’s hard to predict in which direction it will go, but we can expect it to become even more important in the coming years.

Furniture Galleries

How to combine showcase furniture designs with consumerist needs? Gradually more furniture manufacturers transform their movables stores into furniture galleries. Their role is twofold.

Firstly, they work as aesthetic design galleries. Walking up and down the alleys, it’s easy to see how entire rooms are conspicuously designed by professional indoor designers. They set new trends in interior and exterior design and define new pathways in furniture design.

Secondly, furniture galleries are like regular stores where you can take a look at the product before purchasing it. Hence, furniture galleries comply with the rules of design – they have more than one role, both aesthetic and practical.

Furniture Leasing

In the contemporary society, we don’t like owning things for too long – and that’s the case especially with the younger generation. Gym memberships, online music and video streaming services, even rooms and apartments – everything is for rent. The same trend has made its way into furniture.

Buying fittings used to be a premeditated decision, as the items were supposed to serve a family for years. Today, some companies offer furniture leasing. If you need a table, chairs, or an electrical appliance for a limited period of time, you can rent it.

In short, this option has its merits. Firstly, you can change the design of your home far more often, without having to bin or resell the items you’ve bought. Secondly, for people with a flexible, unusual lifestyle, any piece of furniture would be a hurdle.

For instance, renting a chair is anything between $10 and $30 a month. Renting a dining table is a cost of around $40 per month. Of course, this option is only profitable (and reasonable) when you’re sure you won’t need the movables for a longer period of time or when you don’t have enough money to spend on fittings at once.

Moreover, renting furniture lets you stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends. You can exchange your movables every month, so that it fits right into the current fittings’ design trends.

Outdoor Furniture: Exterior Furniture Design


Still, furniture design and furniture galleries aren’t all about what’s inside. Outdoor design is just as important. You might have heard the term “landscape design,” yet it’s not synonymical to “exterior design.”

Landscape design is all about creating with and shaping nature. Ponds, trees, and bushes all belong to landscape design. On the other hand, exterior design is about outdoor furniture.

Patio Furniture

Many outdoor furniture and patio furniture sets lean towards the ideas of durability. Exterior movables differ from interior furniture since it has to put up with the changing weather, rain, and sun.

The materials used are also different. Exterior patio fittings prefer plastic and withers over wood, as they can last longer outside. 

Indoor Furniture Overlays: Furniture Design


Overlays and decorative furniture panels are used both in- and outside. These overlays add a decorative touch to the fittings you already own. These fine additions can transform your old and boring cupboards into something new and exciting. Fancy overlays’ patterns of furniture overlays add a novel touch to old items.

Vintage Furniture

As a counter-movement to modern minimalism and industrialism, vintage furniture strives to bring back the vibes of mahogany desks and refined movables. More often than not, vintage furniture is hand-made, taking us back to traditional craftsmanship instead of the contemporary mass-produced goods, which includes modern fittings.

Using style and furniture design to bring back the nostalgia of the olden days is great for early-20th-century enthusiasts, and not only the elderly. 


As you see, there’s much more to furnishing than just filling empty space in your rooms. Combing functionality and design, it is a growing industry and decorative art. It’s a yardstick that defines modern trends in interior design, architecture, and overall taste.

Today, you don’t even have to buy movables – you can rent it through furniture leasing companies. This novel trend goes along the “membership culture.”

Furniture design covers both interior and exterior furniture sets and can help you engineer a space that you can call home. With a broader perspective, you can engineer a good life.


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