15 Crazy Ways to Enhance Your Brain with Polygala Tenuifolia


What is Polygala Tenuifolia?

This natural herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages. Stacking nootropics has become more popular in recent times. What nootropics does Polygala stack well with? How long is the half-life of Polygala tenuifolia? What are the benefits of Polygala tenuifolia extract?

In this article, you’re about to find out the answers to all of these questions. In fact, Polygala tenuifolia is one of the main 50 herbs in the traditional medicine of China. Recently, some people pointed out the nootropic properties of this root as this substance becomes gradually more popular as a brain-enhancer.

Half-Life of Polygala Tenuifolia

Studies on rats have shown that Polygala tenuifolia can’t be easily absorbed. This root has a low bioavailability, which means that proportionately a small amount of the introduced substance is absorbed into the organism. [1]

In certain amounts, a Polygala tenuifolia extract can be absorbed in 20-30 minutes. That is to say, the half-life of Polygala tenuifolia largely depends on the organism and the doseof Polygala tenuifolia extract. 

Stacking Polygala Tenuifolia

What nootropics does Polygala stack well with? If you begin your journey with this natural nootropic root, always make sure to contact your doctor first. Then, you might want to consider speaking with the manufacturer of your Polygala tenuifolia extract. They should know how to compose the best nootropic stack.

Some sources say that the effects od Polygala tenuifolia is similar to stacking caffeine and L-theanine. If you want to learn more about memory supplements, check out our Ultimate Nootropics Guide.

We also cover nootropic substances from the racetam family – Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam – and other nootropics, including Acetyl L-Carnitine.

But what about stacking? What nootropics does Polygala stack well with? Some users reported positive effects after combining this herb with cordyceps. This root can be the base of your nootopic veneer when stacking. 

15 Crazy Ways to Enhance Your Brain with Polygala Tenuifolia: Benefits and Effects of Polygala Tenuifolia

Benefits and Effects of Polygala Tenuifolia

Enhanced Brain Function

As a nootropic substance, Polygala tenuifolia may enhance the performance of your brain. By supporting memory and focus, this brain-enhancing herb may help you overcome your everyday tasks and face challenges more easily.

Though the half-life of Polygala tenuifolia is relatively long, it can work wonders for your brain. A Polygala tenuifolia extract may enhance the function of your brain and help you engineer a good life.

Improved Cognitive Ability

The benefits of Polygala tenuifolia abound. For example, it may improve the cognitive ability of your brain. More and more students, working professionals, or the elderly reach for nootropics. These memory supplements may make it easier for you to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. [2]

At Goodlife Engineering we believe that nootropics have a lot of potential to contribute to your overall well-being. However, remember to take nootropics responsibly. Discuss the doses with your doctor or the manufacturer themselves for greater safety.

Better Sleep

As studies suggest, Polygala tenuifolia extract has similar effects on sleep as Alprazolam, also known as Xanax. [3]

It’s important to note though, that this herb is far safer than Alprazolam. If you’re looking for other substances to improve the quality of sleep, you should familiarize yourself with such nootropics as Aniracetam or L-theanine.

Stacking with Polygala Tenuifolia

The brain-stimulating effects of Polygala tenuifolia can be likened to those of stacking L-theanine with caffeine – two strong nootropics.

What nootropics does Polygala stack well with? For instance, you might consider using this herb as the base of your nootropic stacks and combine it with:

Whatever you decide to stack, make sure to check out the manufacturer’s recommendations. Above all, nootropics are generally safe substances, but be careful with experimenting anyways.


Speaking of safety – according to Corneliu E. Giurgea, the chemist who coined the term nootropics, they are safe and non-toxic substances. Want to learn more about the history of nootropics? Our Ultimate Nootropics Guide can introduce you to the world of brain-enhancing memory supplements. [4]

Sensory Stimulation

By enhancing your brain’s cognitive function, this herb may improve your sensory stimulation. Likewise Pramiracetam, Polygala tenuifolia extract can make you feel, hear, and smell more by enhance your sensory perception.

The Calming Effect of Polygala Tenuifolia

Meanwhile, this herb may provide you with a calming effect. Some use it to fight anxiety and stress, hence improving their lives with the help of these nootropics.


What is neuroplasticity? Above all, neuroplasticity is about creating new connections in the brain. When we learn new things or introduce new skills, our brain hardwires it through neuroplasticity.

Enhancing the brain, Polygala tenuifolia may support your brain’s neuroplasticity.

Better Mood

Combining the brain-enhancing and calming benefits of Polygala tenuifolia, it may work as a mood-booster.

Moreover, when we rid ourselves of stress and find it easier to face different challenges, we feel better. Despite insufficient research, some suggest that this herb can improve your mood, though not directly.

Improved Focus

Polygala tenuifolia extract, similarly to Phenylpiracetam, can help you focus. In so doing, it may help students and working professionals do better at pursuing their present or future careers.

Facilitating Brain Balance

Barin balance is about maintaining a proportion between logical and creative thinking. You can find out more about brain balance – and more – in our Nootropics Ultimate Guide.

Supporting Brain Health

A healthy brain is the key to your overall well-being. Only by focusing on both the body and the mind can you use the full potential of your brain. Combining nootropics with regular exercise sounds like a good start to engineering a good life for yourself.

Preventing Brain Fog

Feeling dizzy, unable to focus, suffering from headaches… those are some of the negative effects of brain fog. How to prevent them? Stacking nootropics may help.

What nootropics does Polygala stack well with? In short, combining this herb with other nootropics may be a powerful weapon in the fight against brain fog. How else can you keep your mind sharp? In our Guide to Memory Supplements, you’ll find more than a handful of useful substances.

Enhanced Memory

Studies have shown that Polygala tenuifolia may have a positive impact on memory. Further research still has to be conducted to back this claim. [5]

Preventing the Brain’s Degeration Due to Ageing

The herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine are still intriguing to scholars. [6]

Some research suggests the brain-enhancing properties of Polygala tenuifolia. It may be helpful in boosting memory and the ability to learn, hence preventing the brain’s degeneration due to the inevitable process of ageing.


What is Polygala tenuifolia? In conclusion, this nootropic herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages. Therefore, more and more people decide to stack nootropics, using this herb as the base. You might ask: What nootropics does Polygala tenuifolia stack well with? The most common answer is Cordyceps, but you might as well use Aniracetam.

Polygala tenuifolia extract may enhance your brain’s cognitive function and improve your memory. Some reported better sleep and supported brain balance when using this nootropic herb.

Gradually more older people reach for nootropics to fight the ageing of the brain. To sum up, this herb is a safe, non-toxic substance, hence it’s found its many supporters.

If you wish to learn more about other nootropics, don’t miss our Ultimate Nootropics Guide. Find out about the history and recommendations of nootropics and construct yourself a good life.


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