15 Ways to Improve Your Mind with Pramiracetam


What Is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is the strongest nootropic substance from the racetam family of drugs. It’s a nervous system stimulant and you can buy it under the trade name Pramistar. How to dose Pramiracetam and what are its benefits? Can it be used in ADHD treatment?

When to Take Pramiracetam?

It’s used in the treatment of attention deficits and memory loss in older adults in some countries. Some use it when fighting with dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. In short, you can buy it in the form of powders or smart pills.

When to take Pramiracetam? Its nootropic properties will help you in case of bad memory or anxiety. Some university students and working professionals use it to improve their brain’s cognitive function.

Pramiracetam and ADHD

In non-pharmacological treatments of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Pramiracetam and other drugs from the racetam family have become quite popular. Complementary and alternative medicine methods utilize out-of-the-box solutions and new practices that go beyond the traditional ways.

Clinical studies found that it’s useful in treating such impairments as ADHD. In other words, this nootropic has a calming effect on patients struggling with ADHD. [1]

Benefits of Pramiracetam and Doses

What are the benefits of Pramiracetam and what are the recommended doses?

What Studies Say About Dosing Pramiracetam

The usual daily dosage of Pramiracetam should amount to 1200mg. It’s usually divided into two or three doses. 

Consequently, the dosage might differ depending on your metabolism, age, or body weight. Pramiracetam is a strong substance. Begin with smaller doses and see how it works. You can always increase the dosage if you feel comfortable with it.

Note, that if the doses are too small, you might not feel anything at all. Generally speaking, the higher the dose, the more of the effects you will experience. Again, be careful and reasonable when taking your first doses. With higher doses, the risk of adverse side effects gets higher as well.

How to Use Pramiracetam to Improve Your Memory

What is Pramiracetam? University students often use it as a nootropic that enhances memory. You can buy smart powders and pills online.

In short, studies proved that this nootropic is safe to use and does not damage the brain. [2]

Benefits of Pramiracetam and Doses: Pramiracetam and ADHD

Improved Attention

When to take Pramiracetam? Many students reach for the benefits of Pramiracetam and doses of this nootropic just before studying. It’s a very strong nootropic, possibly the strongest one from the racetam family.

Pramiracetam may improve your attention and help you focus on a single task at once.

ADHD Treatment with Pramiracetam

Nootropics from the racetam family are sometimes used in the treatment of ADHD. For instance, higher doses of this nootropic or nootropil can have a positive influence on motor, behavioural, and attention characteristics of patients. [3]

In conclusion, some use Pramiracetam in alternative ADHD treatment methods. They use it as complementary substances, along with standard medicine.

Tweaked Learning Ability

A study done on two test groups proved that it has a positive influence on the learning abilities of the subjects. [4]

When to take Pramiracetam? Students and working professionals use Pramiracetam to enhance cognitive abilities of their brain. If you want to learn more about brain-enhancing substances and where you can buy them online, make sure to visit Goodlife Engineering and check out our Ultimate Nootropics Guide – the best source of information on nootropics on the web.

Neuroprotection Against Ageing

What are the benefits of Pramiracetam? A regular dose of this drug – 1200mg daily – can serve as a neuroprotective agent in your brain.

This nootropic is more potent than Piracetam may shield your brain from some neurodegenerative diseases and other brain-related injuries. [5]

Enhanced Cognitive Function

What are the benefits of Pramiracetam and doses? To clarify, about 1200mg of Pramiracetam a day can tweak your brain’s cognitive function.

It may improve your memory and make it easier to focus. This potent nootropic may also serve as a neuroprotector against age-related brain injuries. In complementary or alternative ADHD treatment, Pramiracetam is a common drug.

Fighting Social Anxiety

By affecting neurotransmitters like GABA and dopamine, it can have an impact on our mood. When to take Pramiracetam? In cases of social anxiety, this nootropic can help you. [6]

Pramiracetam can make you feel more confident and comfortable with other people. Similarly to other nootropic memory supplements, Pramiracetam may have a huge impact on your everyday life and the way you interact with your friends and family. Unleashing your inner extrovert, Pramiracetam may help you fight social anxiety.

Brain Recovery with Pramiracetam

A study shows that it can have healing properties. Therefore, after certain brain-related injuries and impairments, Pramiracetam helps your mind get back on track.

In addition, research proves that it’s a safe substance, helpful in fighting issues with memory and cognitive problems. [7]


The vast amounts of sugar in our everyday diet can make us sluggish and disinterested with life. It makes it extremely difficult to get your tasks done and focus.

When to take Pramiracetam – the strongest nootropic from the racetam family? It may help you stay alert despite the tiredness or when you feel exhausted. For this reason, many college and university students use it. Its brain-enhancing properties make it easier to learn and grasp new knowledge.

Better Sensory Perception

This is one of the best brain-enhancing nootropics out there. It is by far the most potent one from the racetam family. What are the benefits and doses of Pramiracetam

Users of this nootropic often report tweaked sensory perception. Taking 1200mg daily may improve your sensory perception across all senses. Most importantly, you will taste, feel, and smell better. 

Fighting Dementia

Studies on Pramiracetam in the treatment of dementia are quite inconclusive. Some research indicates significant improvements, while others don’t show anything for sure. However, it has a lot of potential when it comes to fighting dementia and has already been used in the treatment a couple of times. [8]

Dyslexia Treatment

Because of its nootropic properties, some scholars used it in the treatment of dyslexia. This strong nootropic helps people switch attention between tasks and stay focused. In conclusion, it may help those struggling with dyslexia fight this impairment.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Recent studies suggest that it has anti-inflammatory properties. When to use Pramiracetam? Because of its effects, you can take doses of 1200mg of Pramiracetam daily to prevent inflammation. [9]

Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Research proves the memory-enhancing effects of this nootropic. Above all, this strong nootropic can help you oppose the degeneration of your brain. Fighting dementia and Alzheimer’s in older individuals, Pramiracetam is likely to become more popular in the treatment of brain-related diseases.

The Strength of Pramiracetam

What is Pramiracetam? From all nootropic substances in the racetam family, this is the strongest one – having more impact on the brain than Piracetam or Aniracetam.

Wrap-Up: What Is Pramiracetam?

What is Pramiracetam? You can buy this potent nootropic online in the form of smart pills or powders.

When to take Pramiracetam? This substance works as a neuroprotector and helps to fight such diseases as dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and dyslexia. Many students use it to enhance their brains. It can improve your learning ability, cognitive function, and memory.

What are its benefits and doses? Taking 1200mg a day (either 400mg three times a day or 600mg twice a day) can benefit your brain’s cognitive abilities. It’s a strong nootropic substance, so be careful when starting your journey with this nootropic.

Because of its efficacy in the treatment of ADHD and other brain impairments, it has become a popular substance on the nootropic market. Our Ultimate Nootropics Guide will tell you more about memory supplement and help you engineer a good life.


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