Best Eye Drops for Contacts: [7 Top-Rated 2021 Eye Drops]

Best Eye Drops for Contacts
Eye drop and an eye glass

Classification of contact lenses for special purposes and the most suitable eye drops for each of them.

Contact lenses are becoming really popular these days and there is an increasing need for the right information on how to use them and how to deal with their associated concerns.

Choices like identifying the best eye drops for contacts and selecting what works best for you should be done carefully.

Most contact lens users complain about itchy eyes, red eyes, all forms of allergies, dry eyes and so on.

With the endless variety of eye drops over the counter, it is becoming increasingly hectic for users to identify the best eye drops for contacts and  what exactly works for them.

The eye drops listed in this article are all FDA approved products and have been chosen from a very thorough research process as well as considerations of users’ complaints and recommendations on all the products on this list.

Most, if not all eye drops are multipurpose in nature but some have been found to be particularly efficient in dealing with particular defects/issues while some others have been discovered to work at their optimal best with a particular type of contact lens.

We have therefore curated a list of the best performing eye drops for different eye irritations as well as contact lenses types.

Hard Lenses – Refresh Contacts

Best Eye Drops for Contacts

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Refresh contacts Eye Drops is an original strength formula that relieves eye dryness and other forms of mild discomfort by instantly moisturizing and lubricating the eye.

It is the ideal eye drop for those whose choice of contact lenses are the hard, Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses. 

It is definitely one of the best eye drops for contact lenses generally. Currently a top choice product on Amazon with 5 star rating and costs about $11, this product is not just a peoples’ favorite, it is also very pocket friendly. 

The formula is preserved with stabilized oxychloro complex and also contains hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Check the product guide for a comprehensive list of contents if you have peculiar allergies to certain ingredients especially mercury-containing ingredients.

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Soft Lenses – Opti-Free Puremoist Rewetting Drop

Best Eye Drops for Contacts

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The Opti-Free Puremoist Rewetting Drop is again another 5 star product of choice and in great demand on Amazon, Walmart and a host of other retail giant stores. 

One of the best eye drops for contacts and works particularly perfect when used on the soft (Hydrophilic) contact lenses.

It is described as a safe and effective solution for moistening of the soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses while on the eye.

It is preserved with Polyquaternium-1 preservatives.

Check here for the Opti-Free Puremoist Rewetting product full description and contents especially to identify if it may contain any ingredient you may be allergic to.

best eye drops for contacts wearers

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The Complete Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops is a great product  and highly recommended too.

It is one of the best selling products on Amazon with great reviews and definitely deserves a mention in the best eye drops for contacts’ discussion. 

It works just fine on either the soft Hydrophilic contact lenses or the hard Rapid Gas Permeable contact lenses. 

Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops contain the ingredient Tyloxapol which can gently remove dirt and other degraded lipids and material that can cause irritation and discomfort in the eye.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses – Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops

best eye drops for contacts wearers

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For extended wear contact lenses, the Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops is a very good choice.

Currently one of the best sellers on Amazon with loads of positive reviews. 

It also works just fine on either the soft Hydrophilic contact lenses or the hard Rapid Gas Permeable contact lenses. 

Some of the ingredients include Aminomethyl Propanol, boric acid, hydroxypropyl guar and polyquaternium-1 (0.001%) preservative. Four drops daily is enough to keep the eye moisturised all day and remember not to wear overnight. 

The contact lenses must be removed before night sleep and must be immersed in an appropriate disinfectant solution.

Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Contacts – Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops

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The redness of eye is one of the most common and most visible symptoms of an ocular disorder encountered by primary health physicians.

Redness of the eyes is commonly caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva and the consequent dilation of the conjunctival vessels.

There are a lot of possible causes of ocular redness which includes allergy, infection, dry eye, exposure to environmental irritants, use of contact lens etc. 

The LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops by Bosch + Lomb Contains brimonidine tartrate which has been found to be a generally safe way to significantly reduce redness of the eyes, when applied in low dose.

It is the best eye drops for contact users suffering from ocular redness.

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For most contact lens users, the common question is…

“How do you get rid of dry eyes with contacts”

The basic response to that would be, choose the appropriate eye drop for contact lens and apply regularly, say 3 to4 times a day. Which is where the Amo Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops comes in. 

It is currently one of the best selling products on the ‘Just Blink and Go’ product line and Amazon’s top choice product.

The solution contains Sodium Hyaluronate which works as a hydration booster to help eyes stay refreshed and comfortable through the end of day.  

Includes beneficial electrolytes similar to those found in natural tears which helps keep the eyes very moisturized all day.

It can be used on both hard and soft contact lenses.

What is the Best Eye Drops for Cataracts?

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One of the most  common post cataract surgery challenges is ‘dry eyes’.

For those who already suffered from dry eyes before surgery, it is expected to be a bit more severe post surgery as most people have that to deal with post surgery.

However, With the help of the right eye drops, this problem is easily managed until 6 to 7 months after the surgery, when a quality tear film should have fully returned. 

Can-C Eye Drops comes well recommended as one of the best eye drops for cataract patients while dealing with the aftermath of the surgery. 

According to the American Optometry Association (AOA), there are ongoing research works on the possibility of a non-surgical procedure to cure cataract.

But the surgical procedure remains one of the most effective and most reliable ways to cure cataracts in most parts of the world today.

Is it Bad to Use Eye Drops With Contacts?

Some of these eye drops are made to be used with contact lenses, however, they are no only designed to lubricate the eye, but to heal the eye surface and make it healthy and free from bacteria.

But instead of being wrong, you can stick to eye drops that are specifically made for contact lenses.

Can Refresh Eye Drops be Used With Contact Lenses?

Yes! Refresh eye drops can be used with contact lenses because there is presence of moisture-rich formula that eases the eye and relieves dryness from the eye that might have been caused by wearing contact lens.

Great thing is that you can use this eye drops as frequently as you feel necessary.

The Best Eye Drops For Contacts Reddit

I was out running and i wore my contact lenses (they are very weak plus lenses) which i don’t usually do, and i noticed that i saw very blurry with them, and i thought that i just needed to take them out to have clear vision again. But then i took them out when i got home, and now my vision is even more blurry. I needed to make the text size on my computer larger an zoom in to even give myself a chance to write this down, so sorry if i make some keyboard type errors. What does this mean? Edit: my vision has now Gone back to almost normal again and i can now see better. But i still have to strain my eyes

Click here to see more comments from Reddit about real users who have dropped their reviews about these products.


It is important that you follow your ophthalmologist’s/optometrist’s instructions on the right contacts for you and how to use them. They should also know of your choice of eye drops if possible. 

Monitor closely, your eyes’ response to your eye drops and report any concerning changes in the eye at any point.

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