Ultimate Outdoors Guide: Wild Adventures in the Wilderness and Hiking Gear


Into the Wilderness

In the everyday routine of habits, sometimes it’s worthwhile to completely cut ourselves off the trivial reality and experience something new. If you’ve had enough of documentaries, it’s high time you grabbed your rucksack and went for a real adventure. What should you know about Epic Outdoors, Burton backpacks, and Golf and Ski Warehouse?

At Goodlife Engineering we believe that constructing your own well-being comprises many components. From knowing how to choose the right technology, through creating your home with suitable furniture, to enhancing your mind with nootropic memory supplements – we want to help you engineer a good life in the many spheres that your life entails.

What should you know before embarking on your outdoor adventure? How to choose the right gear and destination for your trip? What are some of the most reliable brands in the industry?

Outdoor Adventures

Taking a week off from time to time can be a liberating experience. You have probably experienced how going on vacation once every few months not only lets you unwind and forget about responsibility, but also gives you a broader perspective on your life in general.

The next time you want to book your holidays, think twice if it’s the all-inclusive week at a luxurious hotel you really need. We’ve grown accustomed to comfort, and some people find it hard to imagine life without a comfy room and a cozy bed.

This time, try a different approach. We encourage you to consider an outdoor adventure – here’s why you should give it a try:

Something New

We all know what to expect from holidays at a beach or a pool. The most exciting thing about outdoor adventures is that they’re often very spontaneous. You never can tell what coincidence will bring – and it’s amazing!

Outdoor adventures encourage you to give up on plans and security this one time to experience something new and unprecedented.

Low-Cost Vacation

Frankly, you don’t need to spend too much money on outdoor adventures. Everything you need to keep close should fit in your backpack. The only cost-efficient thing you should take into consideration is accommodation.

Still, you don’t have to go too far away from your home to grant yourself a multitude of experiences.

Giving You Perspective

As we’ve established, we’re used to comfort. Outdoor adventures can help you get a different, broader perspective on your life. Such experiences show you how privileged you actually are – you’ve got access to the internet, a roof above your head, and drinking water whenever you please.

Mountain Gear

Outdoor adventures often take place in the pristine mountain ranges, where you can actually lose touch with civilization. To be ready for everything chance might bring you, consider making a checklist of mountain gear you need before setting out.

Start from obvious things like clothes, food, and water. Try to think about extreme or emergency situations – and what you need to prevent them (or at least outsmart destiny). Ask yourself questions. What if it rains? Should you panic if there’s no mobile connection? What if I accidentally cut myself on a stone?

Once you’ve got that figured out you’re almost ready to go. Proper shoes and clothes are a must. But what if you need mountain gear to ski down the slopes of the highest mountains?

Epic Mountain Gear

Epic Mountain Gear is a company that sells and rents a variety of mountain gear, ranging from skis, through snowboards, to a veneer of accessories.

Apart from that, Epic Mountain Gear offers a plethora of services connected to mountain gear, including waxing, fitting, and tuning your gear.

Sure, speeding down the mountain slopes is a different kind of outdoor adventure – but it’s an adventure nonetheless. Winter sports give you the adrenaline that your daily life may lack, hence it’s a great way to spend your holidays.

Outdoor Adventures in New England

The region of New England has something more to it than just rich history. This part of the US abounds in places where you can truly connect with nature. If you’re willing to have a great outdoor experience and intertwine it with your passion, consider Golf and Ski Warehouse.

Golf and Ski Warehouse

Yes, the name is quite telling. Golf and Ski Warehouse offers you a great golfing experience. With many locations in New England, this is a great choice for golf enthusiasts.

Golf and Ski Warehouse will help you find the right gear to take your game up a notch. They use a variety of options to custom fit the appropriate club.

Moreover, Golf and Ski Warehouse offers a plethora of programmes and products connected to snow sports: snowboarding and skiing. 

Outdoor Adventures: Burton Backpacks, Golf and Ski Warehouse, and Epic Outdoors


The greatest friend of a hiker is their rucksack. This bag on your bag contains everything you need while on one of your outdoor adventures. Your mountain gear and all of your necessities should find their place in your rucksack.

Be it a compass, a map, or a pair of socks – the backpack should suit you and your needs. When choosing the right backpack for you, consider the length of your journey. Counterintuitively, the longer the travel, the smaller the baggage.

What are some of the most reliable backpacks out there?

Burton Backpacks

Burton backpacks are a great pick for any adventure. They come in many sizes and models so that you can fit the rucksack to your needs. From backpacks for travellers to those you can use everyday – you’ll find plenty of rucksacks in their online shop.

If you’re looking for a good-quality and reliable rucksack, taking a look at Burton backpacks seems like a good idea.

Hunting Outdoor Adventures

This hobby has grown in popularity in recent years. Many people get into hunting to feel the connection with nature and give themselves the long-forgotten dose of adrenaline.

Yet, it’s not an easy profession. To get prepared for such outdoor adventures, you’re definitely going to need the right tools. How to learn about the news from the hunting community and discover new gear first-hand?

Epic Outdoors

We’ve touched upon golfing in the East and New England, let us move westward now. Epic Outdoors is a Western hunting magazine. The Epic Outdoors magazine is a hunter’s guide teeming with advice from professionals and top consultants.

Apart from that, you can buy optics and gear from Epic Outdoors. Their services include personal guidance and membership courses.

If you cannot possibly access the print version of Epic Outdoors magazine, you can check out their podcast and listen to ideas and talks from Epic Outdoors on the go.

Warp-Up: Outdoor Adventures

Sometimes it’s a good idea to break from the everyday cycle of work and home and experience something new. Outdoor adventures are a great opportunity to taste the wilderness and reconnect with nature.

More often than not, you’ll need the right tools to get the most out of your vacation. When making your purchases and research, consider these reliable manufacturers:

Burton backpacks

Epic Mountain Gear

If you’re in New England, you might be interested in Golf and Ski Warehouse – a centre for winter sports and golfing experiences. On the other hand, hunters in the West should definitely take a look at the Epic Outdoors magazine – a guide for western hunters.

Taking a break from the dull reality and going on an adventure is an important component of engineering a good life.

Dave from Goodlife Engineering


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