Hamilton Men’s H64715135 Khaki King Pilot Black Day Date Dial Watch


In addition to showing the time accurately, the watch which a man wears is also a fashion accessory and his style statement. In many professions, like aviation, men require watches which are designed so that they can easily read the time. Also fashion conscious men are always looking for well designed Watches which will complement their outfit. The Hamilton automatic dress watch range perfectly fits such purpose.

Hamilton Men's H64715135 Khaki King Pilot Black Day Date Dial Watch
Hamilton Men’s H64715135 Khaki King Pilot Black Day Date Dial Watch

Company profile

One of the most reputed manufacturers of Watches for men in the United States is Hamilton watches. Though the company was founded in Lancaster Pennsylvania, United States in 1892, it became a Swiss watch company in 1969, when it shifted manufacturing to Switzerland. It combines precise Swiss engineering with American design and spirit. The watches are well designed and show the time precisely. The company manufacturers a wide range of automatic, mechanical and quartz watches for men and women. The watches are prized for their craftsmanship and reflect the military, aviation and movie heritage of the company.


One of the more popular watches from Hamilton watches is the Hamilton Men’s H64715135 Khaki King Pilot Watch whose key features are described below


This Hamilton dress watch is available with a stainless steel band,. This watch model was first available in 2010. The watch is supplied to the customer in a square black box case. All the components used are of the highest quality, meeting the stringent quality control norms. The watch can be worn with all kinds of clothes, both casual wear on a holiday or formal clothes like suits. The Hamilton khaki king series automatic men’s watch exudes style, elegance & functionality all together.

Case & screen

The Hamilton H64715135 watch from its Khaki King series has a case made from stainless steel for greater durability and strength. Diameter of the watch case is 46 mm and the thickness of the case is 12 mm. The case is round in shape. The back of the case is solid, and it is screwed to the case. The crown of the watch is also screw type. The watch screen is made from sapphire crystal. This ensures that the the bezel does not get scratched when it the watch hits under harder surfaces . Hamilton’s watch bezel use is truly exceptional. This screen will also not reflect light, make it is easier to read the time outdoors. The watch bezel is fixed, and made from stainless steel with a silver tone.

Dial & numbering

A distinctive feature of the watch is the black dial, with numeric hour markers in white Arabic numerals for better readability. The watch has a separate dial for hour markers and minute markers. The minute markers are also printed in white, at intervals of five minutes for ease of use. The hour markers are around the inner rim of the watch, and the minute markers are located on the outer rim of the watch. The H64715135 watch is an analog watch. The markers and hands of the watch are luminescent and have a silver tone. Hence it is easy to read the time, even in low light conditions like early morning, evening or night. However, the seconds hand is not luminescent.

Day and date

This watch shows the day of the week and Date conveniently for the user, so that he does not require a calendar. These are displayed at the three o clock position of the Dial. The numbers on the dial are slightly raised and reflective for more convenient reading. The watch has a band made from stainless steel, which is brushed and polished. The band length is 21 mm wide and 8 inches long. The band can be adjusted according to size of the wrist of the user. The band has a fold over type clasp for keeping it in place. For safety to ensure that the watch does not fall off unintentionally, the watch strap has a push button release

Automatic movement

The Hamilton H64715135 is an automatic watch , so no battery is required since the movement of the users hand is sufficient to power the battery for some time. The watch is using the Calibre H-40 Swiss automatic movement from Hamilton. The movement of the watch has 25 jewels. The bitting rate is 21600 vibrations per hour. Typically the automatic watch is having a power reserve, that is the stored energy in the watch will be sufficient to power the watch for 80 hours. This power reserve time for this watch is almost twice the time for most other watches. So if the user removes the watch and keeps it away for approximately three days, it should show time accurately. However, if the watch is kept away for a longer period of time, which exceeds 80 hours, the user will have to set the time manually. The Hamilton automatic dress watch range is a perfect concoction of modern tech and elegant style rolled in one.

Pilot style

The watch is part of the Khaki King series from Hamilton watches which has a long association with the military. Their watches are designed for those who protect the country, and the king. This Pilot style watch in the aviation series has several features which make it convenient for pilots, drivers and others who wish to read the time on their watch quickly and conveniently. The watch is larger in size compared to most of the other watches available. The dark dial, and the large numbers on the dial in white make it is easy to read the time even from a distance. The hour and minutes hand are luminescent, so this watch is recommended for others who work or travel at night since they can easily find the time.

Water resistant

The watch is Water-resistant at a depth of two hundred meters or 660 feet which is more than most watches in the series. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for a watch which they can use outdoors, under all weather conditions. It can be also used while swimming. The watch is light in weight, weighing 3.77 ounces. The Hamilton khaki king series automatic men’s watch is the perfect choice for every weather condition.


Customers who are not satisfied with the quality of the watch can contact the seller, since the manufacturer is offering a warranty on the watch. Hamilton watches is officially offering a two year warranty on all the watches it manufactures.


Most customers who have purchased the Hamilton Men’s H64715135 watch are extremely happy with the features, quality and design of this watch, so it is highly recommended for men who require a pilot type watch.

Hamilton Men's H64715135 Khaki King Pilot Black Day Date Dial Watch
Hamilton Men’s H64715135 Khaki King Pilot Black Day Date Dial Watch


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