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T​echnology doesn’t seem to slow down its progress, and new gadgets keep conquering the stage. With the abundance of tech gizmos, you might find yourself lost among the cornucopia of devices to choose. Goodlife Engineering is here to help you out.

Goodlife Engineering LG G8s ThinQ (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.21" OLED Display, Snapdragon 855, Single SIM GSM Factory Unlocked LM-G810EA - US + Global 4G LTE International Model (Mirror Black (Single SIM))
LG G8s ThinQ (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.21″ OLED Display, Snapdragon 855, Single SIM GSM Factory Unlocked LM-G810EA – US + Global 4G LTE International Model (Mirror Black (Single SIM))

W​hether you’re looking for something new for yourself, or you want to buy a gift your someone close to you, a wide range of possibilities opens up in front of you. What should you choose? There’re laptops, TVs, smartwatches, tablets…

T​he most basic (and at the same time the most advanced) device is a phone. Your smartphone is going to be your operating system for emails, web browsing, and entertainment, all hidden in your pocket.

B​rands release new phones all the time – up to a few times a year. Looking at the amount of phones to choose from, you can get dizzy. You’re about to find out why LG G8s ThinQ is the smartphone for you. Available with 128GB Memory and 6GB RAM, The specs of LG G8s ThinQ include:

I​f that seems like a lot, don’t worry. We’ll go through each of them together, so that you know LG G8s ThinQ inside out. Let’s start with the first thing you see: the display.

6.21″ OLED Display

T​he display of LG G8s ThinQ is exactly 6.21 inches in diameter, which makes it neither too big, nor too small. Compared to other flagships, this one’s size is average. It won’t be difficult to handle (as those big, unwieldy Samsungs are), but it’s also not a baby phone.

I​mage quality stands on the top shelf. Full High Definition display with OLED runs smoothly when playing games or surfing the web. Resolution of 2248×1080 pixels makes watching videos on LG G8s ThinQ a pleasure. With 6.21″ OLED Display Lg G8 ThinQ is exactly the smartphone you need.

A​spect ratio of this smartphone is 18.7:9. What does that mean? Following trends in the phone industry in terms of design, this LG flagship is tall, without too much space left for side bezels. The smartphone also offers touch-free phone interface. You can interact with your phone by using gestures, not staining the display with grease. If you’re new to touchless commands, the LG will give you a quick walk-through at the beginning of your adventure.

Snapdragon 855 C​PU

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Though this LG smartphone is beautiful on the outside, its insides will also impress. T​alking about LG G8s ThinQ, we can’t forget about the CPU – the heart of the phone.

T​he Snapdragon 855 is used in many Android phones, including Samsung, Xiaomi, or OnePlus. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset is a reliable microprocessor, being 45% more efficient than its predecessor.

S​napdragon 855 CPU introduces a more advanced AI engine and better performance. It’s also the first-ever chip to be compatible with 5G (once the carrier enables it). So get your hands on this LG G8 ThinQ smartphone with Snapdragon 855 CPU and enjoy smooth functionality like never before.

Single SIM GSM

T​his LG G8s ThinQ is factory unlocked. All you need to do is put your SIM card in and start using it – nothing easier than that.

I​t supports a single SIM card and the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard.


U​sing your LG flagship, long loading time will not do your head in. LG G8s ThinQ uses 4G LTE, a tweaked 4G wireless broadband standard for mobile communication.

A​ piece of mobile trivia: LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution, as the connection speeds were worked upon for decades by researches all over the world. It was first proposed in 2004, but became an international standard only recently.

Mirror Black Color

Enough of the geeky specifics (at least for a moment). When buying your LG G8s ThinQ, you’ll have to decide between Black and Mirror Black colors. Both are timeless signs of class. In their simplicity, they will be great for everyday use.

N​o matter if you choose the high gloss or the classic model, you’ll get an equal touch of style. With 6.21″ OLED Display Lg G8 ThinQ and mirror back finish, this smartphone exudes style and comfort at once.

128GB Memory and 6GB RAM

F​orget about buying extra space or paying for cloud storage. 128GB of memory will serve you for a long time. The truth is that even some computers start at 128GB! It’s like the power of a laptop was in your pocket. In addition, LG G8s ThinQ’s 6GB of RAM guarantee smooth experience – no lagging, bugging, or glitching. Do more with your smartphone as this incredible model offers the power of most laptops with 128GB Memory and 6GB RAM.

Front and Rear C​ameras

T​he smartphone is equipped with as many as 5 cameras:

  • Triple Rear Camera – 12MP, 13MP, 12MP
  • Dual Front Camera – 8MP, ToF (224px X 172px)

T​aking a killer selfie or shooting an exquisite landscape photo has never been easier. The cameras add depth in high resolution to your pics.

F​ingerprint Reader

L​ocated on the back of the smartphone, you can unlock the LG with your fingertip. Holding the phone naturally, your finger will rest on the fingerprint reader. It’s fast and easy to use.

Bluetooth 5.0 BL

P​air your LG G8s ThinQ with headphones, speakers, or another device. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is reliable and fast, making your experience sheer pleasure.  Get connected easily as LG G8 ThinQ comes with Bluetooth 5.0 BL connectivity.

C​arrier Availability

A​s an international model, this LG smartphone does not have a US warranty. It’s compatible with most GSM carriers though, like T-Mobile and AT&T. Take into account, that this phone won’t work with CDMA carriers, such as Sprint or Verizon.


U​sing the latest technology and the best components, LG G8s ThinQ guarantees smooth user experience. With 5 cameras, 128 GB of memory, and 6GB of RAM, this smartphone is a potent piece of machinery. T​he Snapdragon 855 chipset, hidden behind the 6.21-inch display, powers the phone 24/7. Available in two colors, it’s tailored for your hands, to make your life better.

​Sit back on your couch (or in your garden, if you’ve got a decent outdoor furniture set), grab your LG and enjoy the possibilities that technology gives you.

You’ll find the LG G8s ThinQ on Amazon, so don’t waste your time! Comfort is within your reach.

Goodlife Engineering LG G8s ThinQ (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.21" OLED Display, Snapdragon 855, Single SIM GSM Factory Unlocked LM-G810EA - US + Global 4G LTE International Model (Mirror Black (Single SIM))
LG G8s ThinQ (128GB, 6GB RAM) 6.21″ OLED Display, Snapdragon 855, Single SIM GSM Factory Unlocked LM-G810EA – US + Global 4G LTE International Model (Mirror Black (Single SIM))


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